WLtoys V272: the smallest but most reasonably structured quad-copter

WLtoys V272

You can hardly see a mini quad-copter smaller than WLtoys V272. With 4.5cm in both length and width, 2.5cm in height, the ultra-mini quad-copter is pretty popular with a mass of young enthusiasts. However, it’s not just a kid toy, contrarily, it could be named the smallest but most professional quad-copter for enthusiasts who are fond of four-axis aircraft.
WLtoys V272It only takes one-third of a adult palm, making people full of protective desire. Actually, all the mini copters owns an universal flaw in flying: they are too flexible to keep stability. As for quad-copter with four-axis, the situation turns to be better. Adopting the latest flight control system with six-axis gyroscope built-in, now WLtoys V272 must be the most reasonably structured quad-copter in mini size. Especially when doing stimulating fancy flights, the cool bearing of the copter will completely fall you down.
WLtoys V272In addition to normal flights, the mini quad-copter allows to do very fabulous 3D fancy flights like sides flying, hovering, 360 degree rotating in the air and so on. And all of those flights can be reached under the operation of equipped intelligent remote controller with 2.4G frequency and four channels. Besides, the mini copter possesses three-level speed functions allowing you to choose among the three speeds according to individual experience and skills.
WLtoys V272What’s more, there are several LED lights built in WLtoys V272, enlivening unique hollow body.  Personally, I like the special appearance of the quad-copter equipped with the LED light respectively on its forehead, rotors and foot, making it a shining beetle in night flight. Moreover, the mini copter adopts durable ABS safety plastic of both toughness and tenacity, effectively reducing the impact if it get crashed or knocked suddenly.

WLtoys V272
All in all, I hope you get the diligent design provided by the mini copter. Since it’s in ultra-mini size, you can pack it in your pocket and fly it at any time or any where you like. It won’t get deformed or damaged even you wear hard-ground jeans.

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