Super-X Brushless Quadcopter supports 3D stunts and FPV use

Super-X Brushless Quadcopter

Seeing its general structure, I always wonder whether the installation of Super-X Brushless Quadcopter is done or not. Absolutely, it is a ready-to-fly mini quad-copter with super concise structure. Small size as it is, the quad-copter supports a variety of 3D fancy flights, meanwhile, it allows to do aerial photography if it’s equipped with a mini camera.
Super-X Brushless QuadcopterFirst and foremost, the mini quad-copter possesses very simple but powerful components: one piece 1.6mm thick, 125mm frame made by durable full carbon, four brushless motors, 3A ESC as well as remarkable MWC flight control system. If there is a remote controller like DSM2 equipped with the quad-copter, then everything couldn’t be too perfect.
Super-X Brushless QuadcopterBecause of full functions endowed with the quad-copter, it certainly can reach perfect 3D flight performance. Apart from three dimensional flights, the quad-copter also achieves hovering, sides flying and 360 degree rotating in the air. What’s more, the is a six-axis gyroscope built in the flight control system. In anther word, you can appreciate pretty smooth and elegant bearing of the quad-copter.
Super-X Brushless QuadcopterSuper-X Brushless Quadcopter adopts MWC flight control system with 6050MPU module, which is consist of a compass, a barometer, an integrated 7ch DSM2 receiver built-in. Therefore, the flight controller not only supports standard flight modes, but also supports altitude hold setting and care free modes as well. In addition, it supports GPS, LED lights and Bluetooth options. And you are allowed to take pictures and videos if there is a mini camera.

Super-X Brushless QuadcopterEven if you are not skillful at aerial photographing, the altitude hold mode will help you realize what surpass your expectation. After starting the mode, the quad-copter will fly at a fixed-altitude with a safe distance from the ground. Or you can make use of GPS positioning, and let Super-X Brushless Quadcopter hover around established object, the the camera will catch different perspectives of it.

At last, you’d better get a Li-polymer batter for the mini copter if want to experience full fun flight or aerial photography. On account of its mini size, you can freely fly the copter both indoor and outdoor.

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