Reaching super amazing aerial photographing only on Walkera Scout X4

Walkera Scout X4

When you start doing aerial photographing, there is a long way to make it idealized. At lest, you are allowed to get Walkera Scout X4, the most astonishing aerial quad-copter at present with a set of high-level devices. As for how astonishing it is, you can keep reading if interested in the aerial equipment.

While GPS module has been widely applied to aerial aircraft, it seems GPS positioning has been a label of aerial photography. However, have you ever seen a quad-copter with GPS positioning of 128 way-points? Reading here, you must get two piece of information: the quad-copter ensures pretty long time and distance flight; you can more accurately control the flying route and capture more detailed as well as beautiful scenes.
Walkera Scout X4 Walkera Scout X4Besides, you are allowed to set take-off points and destination through a touch mobile screen. Here, I want to stress that the aerial equipment can be well controlled by the mobile screen after downloading and installing related software. As I put in the second paragraph, Walkera Scout X4 will fly in line with pre-set route in elaborate way-points. After finishing photographing, the quad-copter will turn back along with the route if you click the back button.
Walkera Scout X4Personally, I couldn’t love the new promoted “follow me mode” too much! It is a wonderful setting for people who are fond of extreme sports. You probably wanted to capture the high-difficult bearings every time when racing, climbing, diving or skiing, but you couldn’t find the right aerial device until Walkera Scout X4 came out. Starting the mode, the quad-copter will fallow you as you move, and you are the dynamic object that is under the intelligent lens.
Walkera Scout X4To capture more wonderful perspectives, you can start Hyper IOC function. Usually, the flying direction always keeps consistent with the nose. Under IOC mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose whatever it points. In addition, the quad-copter allows to flying in a established circle around a certain GPS way-points. In a word, there is no angle of view that the copter couldn’t capture!
Walkera Scout X4Different from other quad-copter, Scout X4 possesses eight motors with two motors in each rotor. For sake of its special flight, there must be much higher pulling power to get the established aims. And you can freely switch between four-motors mode and eight-motors mode in line with the certain need. Never worry about its power supply even if starting eight-motor mode, cause the quad-copter is supported by high-capacity Li-polymer battery.
Walkera Scout X4Finally, Walkera Scout X4 possesses one-key-go-home and fail-safe-return-home features to ensure better safety. After all, the quad-copter can reach 25minutes flight with high relatively higher speed, that is to say, it will be beyond human vision after flying for a while.

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