Reasons for choosing ZTW Spider 60A for multi-rotor aircraft

ZTW Spider 60A

There are many electronic speed controllers specially designed for multi-rotor aircraft in the market, for example ZTW Spider 60A. The ESC enjoys very good reputation on account of its fashionable appearance and accurate workmanship. The most important thing is, this series electronic speed controllers almost cover all main standards, and ensure great safety for aircraft. ZTW Spider 60A First and most, you should know how to choose a reliable ESC for multi-rotor aircraft. Since your aircraft possesses multi-rotors, it must need very efficient puling power to present its unique features. Therefore, you’d better choose an electronic speed controller with high current, which can furthest adjust the motor. Especially for high-end aerial equipment, the aircraft would get crashed if the motor can’t provide required pulling power. ZTW Spider 60A ZTW Spider 60A Still take ZTW Spider 60A for example, it’s the most powerful ESC among the series, pretty suitable for more precise multi-rotor aircraft. In addition to its high conducting current, the electronic speed controller supports very smooth and accurate throttle linearity. Also, the motor can be better conducted to rotate smoothly. Meanwhile it supports 600HZ frequency of signal, ensuring pretty high control ability. ZTW Spider 60A Generally speaking, the smaller internal resistance an ESC possesses, the longer service life the ESC has. And this goes very well for ZTW spider electronic speed controller. To ensure better safety, the controller can automatically shut down the throttle once signal get lost. At the same time, there is power arming protection that can prevent the motor from accidentally running when switched on option. ZTW Spider 60A Furthermore, the new generation of the MOSFETs adopted by the electronic speed controller ensures lower heating and more reliability. What’s more, the controller possesses safety thermal over-load protection. All in all, ZTW Spider 60A is very high-quality speed controller and designed for simple installation and easy setup to offer excellent performance in multi-rotor applications. If you want to save things and make the highest efficiency, then choose an electronic speed controller like it.

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