Streamlined CopterX CX450 PRO 3D Helicopter Review

CopterX CX450 PRO

It’s the most concise medium-size copter I’ve ever seen. Yes, I’m talking about CopterX CX450 PRO 3D Helicopter. Adopting carbon fiber framework and aluminum alloy main rotor, the helicopter possesses the lightest weight compared to other copters of similar size. Personally, I’m pretty keen on its colorful shell made by fiberglass material of high resistance to impacts, cause it really help pilots identify flying direction.
CopterX CX450 PROFirst of all, you will be touched by the whole structure. Na matter which perspective you see, CopterX CX450 PRO is just so streamlined, as if it was made by several blades of different sizes. Sometimes, you’ll be afraid of its safety when doing stimulating 3D flights. As a matter of fact, the ultra-concise structure is pretty compact, which can enhance its 3D sensitivity to some extents.

CopterX CX450 PROWhat’s more, the aluminum alloy rotor head has also reduced a bit of weight for the whole frame, which can dramatically decrease air resistance and energy consuming. At the same time, the flybarless rotor effectively rules out gyroscopic effect by relying on three-axis gyroscopic rotor to keep balance. Besides, the carbon fiber tail and anti-rotating bracket make the copter rudder more precise while working.

CopterX CX450 PRO CopterX CX450 PRO CopterX CX450 PROCopterX CX450 PRO allows to do hovering, sides flying and rotating and other fancy stunts in addition to three dimensional flights. Anyway, the ultra-low center of gravity and short spindle design significantly greatly reduce wind resistance, fully demonstrating superior 3D flight performance and unparalleled sense of speed. All in all, it is the lightest weight and scientific structure that make the copter much more stable and flexible while doing 3D fancy flights.

CopterX CX450 PRO CopterX CX450 PRO CopterX CX450 PROBesides, there is a intelligent transmitter easy for enthusiasts to master. For sake of its medium size, I strongly suggest you finding a open ground to fly.

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