3D GAUI X3 helicopter with many outstanding detailed designs


With 690mm in length, 230mm in height and 190mm in width, 3D GAUI X3 in 532g is much lighter compared with other medium size copters. The all-inclusive kind canopy not only promotes its wholeness,but also brings great force. Personally, I love the canopy very much, cause it covers the important component in the shell furthest.
GAUI X3Apart from its elegant appearance, the structure has also been strengthen after improving its power and increasing the difficulty of aerobatics. There’s a wide range of combination in X3’s dynamic force.Take Scorpion series’s motor for example, the 325mm class copter used 2221 series in the past, but now it is compatible with both 2221 series and Scorpion’s latest 2520 series. Besides, the size raises from 22mm to 25mm, which provides powerful torque effect.

GAUI X3In addition, the rotor holder wash-out and pitch linkage rod whose maintenance is the easiest and the simplest. The wash-out is also carried on the combination of head rotor bearing and adapter ball head of X7 Formula of great personality and adjust ability. Main rotor holder of GAUI X3 seems to be quite sturdy and there are 3 holes on pitch control arm, allowing you to adjust by your will. The adjustable ability is especially convenient when you set all the servo head up,but can’t find enough pitch or not a perfect match.

GAUI X3The mini GAUI Vbar is not the smallest among 3 axis gyros,but it can be fittingly put into the fuselage. As we know, there’s not much space to put in the electronic parts,but there’s plenty of space above the tail tube to put a gyro. What’s more, the space under the tail tube can be used to other stuff like a receiver or 3 axis gyro. The base of ESC is designed with aluminum alloy, which can effectively help dissipate the heat!

GAUI X3More details about GAUI X3: the tail drive gear uses disc bevel gear to directly power the tail drive shaft, and there’s a large metal plate under the bevel gear to support it and to avoid jumping. You can prepare more carriage plate to attach to different battery, it’s quite convenient! There’s a battery track inside the battery seat, effectively prevent the battery from smashing.

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