RadioLink AT10: great partner for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter

RadioLink AT10

Experienced copter enthusiasts are pretty fond of RadioLink AT10, not only because of its outstanding hand touching but also its reasonable overall arrangement. Even this is the first time that a remote controller adopts bright orange coating. Of course, it still provides traditional silvery coating.

RadioLink AT10
In fact, AT10 is the first full-function 10-channel remote controller. Whether the quality of a remote controller is good or not much be proved after experiencing by yourself. Personally, I think a high-quality remote controller should possesses more channels. Enthusiasts are probably satisfied with very less channel at very beginning. With the skill increasing, low channel remote controller can not meet their demand. And changing anther remote controller will cost you lots money again.

RadioLink AT10
As for 10-channel RadioLink AT10, it is featured by super resistance to interference, great sensitivity and high compatibility, all of which I will give you a elaborate description. Before that, let’s take a look at its general arrangement: there eight channels for ratio and two channels for on-off. Two of the eight ratio channels are three-way switch, five of them are two-way switch and one is half-switch. Besides, there are five prints, which can work with those switches to set function.

RadioLink AT10 RadioLink AT10
In addition, the remote controller adopts 2.4GHz DSSS spread technology, allowing to get signal among the noisy environment. Even there is very strong interference, it still can get the accurate signal for flying. And AT10 possesses longest control distance of 2km in the air and 1.1km on the ground. It will keeps sensitively working even if 10 channels opened together.

RadioLink AT10
Thing most important thing is, the controller allows to installed an external data-returned module, all of the data can be revealed on the LCD display. And the related information including: signal, voltage of receiver and battery, temperature, rotating speed and GPS setting, which is very convenient to make adjust if needed.
RadioLink AT10 Finally, RadioLink AT10 supports both English and Chinese menu, and it can store 15 data of flight mode. Moreover, the remote controller can be compatible with most helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft and even gliders.

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