Walkera ilook+ camera: keeping all the wonderful moments in the lens

Walkera ilook+ camera

While focusing on aerial equipment, walkera provides a large variety of great works to enthusiasts. Take walkera ilook+ camera for example, it is specially designed for the same brand aerial copters and it perfectly cooperates with them. At the same time, it can be greatly compatible to a mass of multi-rotor aerial aircraft built in other brand. Different from normal product, the camera is made of mini size with unexpected high pixel and wide-angle lens.

Walkera ilook+ camera
Honestly, doing the high-level aerial photography is not so effortless if without capable equipment. And the direct device to capture object and scenery is the camera, in another word, the quality of a camera can mostly determine the the aerial effect. Therefore, a HD camera with 13 million pixels like walkera ilook+ camera is very worth owning, specially for large-range or stimulated aerial photography. Just remember, every detailed point will be clearly presented under its lens.
Walkera ilook+ camera Walkera ilook+ cameraWe do aerial photography cause we want to capture something unique, that is to say, aerial shooting can achieve special shooting range that couldn’t be reached in normal way. Therefore, the angle of view plays irreplaceable role in making aerial video or pictures. As for the camera, it provides 170 degree lens angle which is comparable to make dimensional shoot. Besides, you can add other aerial equipment like a goggle glasses to enjoy more attractive aerial experience.
Walkera ilook+ camera Walkera ilook+ cameraLast but not least, walkera ilook+ camera supports real-time image transmission feature. If the remote controller you got has a LCD display, then you can enjoy aerial scenery with the first person of view. If not, you still have access to real-time monitor the flights after downloading the related software to your mobile phone. Anyway, where there is a mobile screen, there is the possibility to reach real-time image transmission.
Walkera ilook+ cameraAllowing me to give you more tips about how to use the camera: actually, you can use the camera by your will expect for aerial photography. For sake of its mini size and light weight, it can be easily carried with you. Believe me, you will have very good time with the camera in your trip.

Walkera ilook+ camera

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