Concise-structured ALZRC Devil 465 3D copter review

ALZRC Devil 465

With 730mm in length, 205mm in height and 110mm in width, ALZRC Devil 465 just weighs 535g, which is much lighter compared to the sames size medium copter. Inherited from the excellent mature design of Devil 450pro, the helicopter seems to be more attractive and exclusive to enthusiasts. Comprehensively, it is a super amazing 3D copter with material integration technology utilized on very detailed designs.

ALZRC Devil 465To choose a fabulous 3D copter, the first factor taken into consideration obviously is control ability. Therefore, the copter adopts outstanding DFC/SDC main rotor with extremely low center of gravity design to minimize wind and air resistance. In anther word, the 3D copter possesses stable flight performance, which makes the fast and furious 3D movement easier to be stably controlled to keep swift but unperturbed bearing.

ALZRC Devil 465Meanwhile, the main rotor head block and new spindle design have been incorporated as standard  feature of ALZRC Devil 465. Equipped with the latest 3D specific 360 3G main rotor blades that are both stable and agile, the medium copter has made a great breakthrough towards its flight performance.what’s more, the carbon fiber side plates not only reduced its total weight, but also utilized composite material integration technology.

ALZRC Devil 465In order to simplify servo installation and clean aesthetic, the medium size copter adopts direct servo CCPM control, a single piece main bearing block with integrated servo mounts. It is the standard micro servo and also the lager micro servo, which is specially designed to extend the servo mounting space. That is to say, the lager micron servo can be installed on the helicopter with extra washer, very suitable for full size of micro servo.

ALZRC Devil 465Characterized by the detailed designs like battery mounting rails, top mounted motor, ALZRC Devil 465 will be consistently offered with stable and full power. While doing 3D flights, we will see how different it is compared to other 3D copters. In addition, the newly added tail boom mount makes it easy to repair. moreover, the shell of the copter is of super durability on account of its special material that is of great toughness and tenacity.

ALZRC Devil 465Finally, I should say I love the cool coating of the 3D copter. Red and green audaciously matches with each other, making it pretty outstanding also very easy to identify the flying direction while doing simulated movements!

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