Walkera QR X800 Refreshing the Record of FPV Flight Time & Distance

Walkera QR X800

If you want to make extremely high-level aerial photography, then you have to get a set of  Walkera QR X800 equipment. I really don’t know how to start talking about the aerial quad-copter, cause every part of the equipment seems to be so perfect. Simply speaking, the scientific-made aircraft equipped with a intelligent transmitter can provide super flight performance and supports the latest G-3D gimbal.

Walkera QR X800Firstly, the quad-copter adopts super powerful FCS800 multi-rotor control platform specially made for professional aerial aircraft, which can reach pretty stable hovering around the established object. Meanwhile, all the circuitries from the connection main control system to gimbal line, GPS line, power control module and battery are integrated into core panel, greatly simplifying the wiring and improving the efficiency. Therefore, you can install and disassemble it very easily.
Walkera QR X800If adopting the most advanced device like a DEVO 10/F12 transmitter and a full HD iLook/Gopro Hero 3 camera, Walkera QR X800 can help you realize much more stimulating aerial photography. After all, the quad-copter itself can reach 30 to 60 minutes for one flight, which can be achieved by other aerial quad-copter. At the same time, it allows to real-time monitor or transfer the picture and video files within the distance of 1.5 to 2km, isn’t it super amazing?
Walkera QR X800Different from other aerial quad-copters, this one adopts carbon fiber main framework, which is features by light weight, great strength and stability. From the mechanical arm to skid as well as propellers, almost 90 percent of the quad-copter is made of carbon fiber. In addition,there is a retractable landing gear providing good portability and convenience, cause it can automatically fold and expand in line with certain situation. Besides, the quad-copter adopts brushless motor which is of longer service life and is easier to mend.
Walkera QR X800The main design concept of Walkera QR X800 is to fly higher, father and longer. If I were you, I would make the best use of the aircraft. Specially for the flight time it provides, I have to say it’s so worthy of choosing the best gimbal, camera and transmitter for such high-level aircraft!
Walkera QR X800

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