You should never miss the cute minicopter Syma S6


There are a mass of high-end copters or simulated airplane if you are up to gain or break flying skills. However, it’s not so common to come cross a mini toy helicopter like Syma S6 which is full of fun and very easy to be controlled. Pretty simple structure as it takes, the mini copter actually possesses much longer service life than you expect. A lovely toy to a child what fish is to water! If you see that, you can keep reading with a curious heart.

In the first place, the mini copter is 8cm in length, 2.5cm in width and 6cm in height. Pretty much like a little bird if hovering in your palm! Also, mini Syma S6 can reach normal three dimensional flights such as up/down, forward/backward and turn left and right flights. Most mini copters are of too much flexibility but less stability. Even if it is just a kid toy copter, it still adopts gyroscope system to keep balance. And there are flashing lights inbuilt in the copter, which makes the copter more vivid like a bird.

To be honest, the mini copter can attract many kids only standing on the floor or table or anything else. The thing is, people have no choice but to love the cute little bird that possesses unique charm since it was born. There is a old Chinese saying about the copter: stands like a virgin while moves like a rabbit. Some of naughty kids like to set challenges for the copter, like there is a small circle waiting to fly through. Anyway, Syma S6 can pass through those barriers.

Even if squeezed by the barrier, the copter will not get hurt in that it adopts very special material of super toughness and tenacity to collisions. Besides, the mini copter is supported by Li-polymer battery. And there is a wired USB charger interface, just connect the copter with a laptop or computer to reach charging. Finally. There is a handy remote controller very easy to master for kids.

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