SYMA X12: mini six-axis gyro quad-copter for children and beginners


There are plenty of mini quad-copters available on the market, but none of them can be comparable to SYMA X12 in term of its exquisite appearance. It doesn’t adopt the flamboyant or or pure color coating, but the mini quad-copter looks very special. If watching carefully, you will find that the colorful LED lights are built on the forehead of the copter. Connected by the cool”X” symbol, these colorful lights seems to be a little magic.
SYMA X12Mini size as the quad-copter possesses, it adopts the latest flight control system with six-axis gyroscope. As is known to all, small copter has d universal flaw of unstable flight. With a six-axis gyro, even a mini copter can reach both stable and flexible flying. According to test, the SYMA X12 can stably fly indoor as well as outdoor. Due to its strong wind-resistant, the quad-copter can keep its cool bearing in windy environment.

SYMA X12In addition to normal flight, the mini copter can achieve hovering, 360 degree rotating and 3D eversion and other fancy flights. Personally, I think it’s very suitable for new-in enthusiasts. You can get better train about flying skill, at the same time, there are lots of funny flight that you can experience. Of course, all the flight should be reached under a remote controller. Actually, the equipped remote controller is of very nice hand touching and is easy to get in hands.

If the four colorful LED lights on the forehead act as decoration, the larger LED light the center of SYMA X12 works as a navigator. With the LED light, enthusiasts are allowed to fly the copter both day and night. As a matter of fact, it will be more interesting if flying at night on account of decorated colorful lights. From what I wrote, you can get known that the mini quad-copter is very concise in its structure. Therefore, it’s very simple to make assembly or convenient for maintenance.

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