Eachine X6 possessing better stability for small range FPV

Eachine X6

Compared to the quad-copter, maybe hexa-copter is of higher flight appreciation for its better stability. For example, Eachine X6, a six-axis aircraft with very mini size and light weight, possesses pretty nice sensitivity even for doing fancy flights. Besides, the lower center of gravity and six-axis mount system make great contribution to its flying stability. As we know, aerial enthusiasts tend to adopt multi-rotor copter as the carrier of aerial camera. Even some of them are not afraid of hard work to DIY six-axis or quad-axis aircraft. Good news is, you do not have to waste time to do it by yourself if making a right choice.
Eachine X6First of all, you can imagine the cool bearing while the copter flying. Painted with outstanding color blue or red, Eachine X6 always makes players full of energy and passion. Besides, it owns removable protection covers for each propellers, and you are allowed to freely assemble and disassemble the covers. In addition, the hexa-copter can realize a mass of flexible fancy flights controlled by the intelligent remote controller, like rolling, flipping, which makes the aerial perspectives more abundant and fabulous. If you choose this aerial copter, then you do not have to specially buy a gimbal in that the camera can be adjusted for 90 degree in upright direction.
Eachine X6-1Finally, there is a 2MP camera equipped with Eachine X6. Maybe the six-axis copter is not suitable for long distance shooting or flying, but it will provide you with amazing small range aerial photography, specially fit for new-in enthusiasts. Besides, there are LED lights on its rudders, ensuring both day and night flight and helping identify flight orientation. Supported by Li-polymer battery, the six-axis copter lasts flight to 12 minutes one time, much longer among the mini six-axis aircraft. And I hope you can avoid complex DIY procedures and choose the cost-effective aerial equipment.

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