QS5010: cute two-blade helicopter for children


Not at birthday, Christmas day, children need your award when they behave well or do nice thing. With the fast development of electronics, most children have abandoned wonderful outside scenery but choose to keep company with cold tablets. Have you thought it does nothing good to their growing up. Why not transferring their attention via a funny toy like QS5010? On one hand, we are eager to get closer to the sky and we even hope we can fly from the day we born. Therefore, children will totally get obsessed with such min cute copter. On the other hand, developing a valuable hobby like playing model copter is very good for children, and it’s better cultivate from very young age.
QS5010Still take QS5010 for example, it is an ultra-mini copter which only takes half place of a adult’s palm. And it really looks like a bee from the outlook, children will be deeply attracted. Equipped with gyroscope, the mini copter is able to stably fly up/down, forward/backward, left/right. For sake of its small size, the copter possesses super flexibility. Equipped with the remote controller, children will quickly learn how to control the flight. To keep better flying condition, the mini copter is inbuilt with anti-interference system. In another word, the connection between the copter and controller is pretty much sensitive, and it would be disturbed by other remote controller if flying outdoor.
QS5010Last but not least, the mini QS5010 is both suitable for outdoor and indoor flying due to its small size. Many parents would be hesitated when buying such cute gift for children cause it looks very fragile. Actually, the blades and shell are made of durable materials which is of great toughness and tenacity. Even you get very naughty child, the copter will be safe and sound when falling to the hard ground on account of its strong resistance to the impact. Now, start to change your children and keep them away from poisonous electronics.

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