Cool & Flamboyant Wltoys V636: small made but perfectly formed

Wltoys V636

I think young boys will be deeply attracted by the insect-like Wltoys V636. It is indeed pretty cool with its green and black mixed coating. Small size as it is, the quad-copter is not a normal model toy. Actually, it is suitable for teenagers and even new-in adult copter enthusiasts. Besides, you could not imagine that such small quad-copter is able to take an HD camera under it abdomen.
Wltoys V636You must be carious why I said the insect-like quad-copter is small made but perfectly formed. The thing is, this is a four channel and six-axis gyroscope quad-copter, which possesses almost all the flight features that the bigger size multi-rotor copter should possess. Apart from normal flight, it can reach fancy flying like hovering, sides flying, 3D rolling in the air. Especially when the quad-copter starts the headless mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose, which allows capturing very unique perspective of a established object.
Wltoys V636What’s more, the detailed design of Wltoys V636 will refresh your eyes. To make the quad-copter the same strong as it look to be, it adopts super dynamic motor, unique shock-proof system. Even the propellers are made of super durable material which is of great toughness and tenacity. Besides, there are four flexible protection covers for each propellers, and you can freely install or disassemble these covers. If flying outdoor, you can take off the covers. Or you’d better put them on when flying indoor.
Wltoys V636Here comes the flamboyant Wltoys V636 in the night flight. Different from other quad-copter with several LED lights, this quad-copter is much more shining on in that the four shafts are lighted by colorful lamps. What a beautiful dancing glowworm in the wood! It is already full of appreciation in addition to its FPV function. When it comes to shooting, the quad-copter are really worth owning. You just need buy a mini HD camera, then you can experience amazing aerial flights.  Have good time with the cute thing!
Wltoys V636

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