Syma X5C: stylish quad-copter with camera for you

Syma X5C

If you don’t really take it in your palm, you may just consider Syma X5C a toy quad-copter for sake of its cute and neat outer structure. As matter of a fact, the white quad-copter has aerial photography function with a camera built on forehead of the nose. Comprehensively, it possesses pretty good 3D flying performance, which makes great contribution to the all-in-one aerial photographing.

Different from single-blade RC copter, quad-copter is much more stable and durable. The all-in-one structure makes all the significant parts contained in the advanced plastic casing, and there are four protection covers around the propellers. I bet you have experienced plane crashed, but if you start with quad-copter, you will see keeping balance of a model plane is not so difficult. For new-in enthusiasts, you may choose this one to gain some basic flying skills.
Syma X5CEquipped with the latest six-axis flight control system, Syma X5C allows to do flexible and stable fancy flights like rolling, hovering apart from normal three dimensional flights, all of which can be realized through the matched remote controller. Besides, the protection covers could be flexibly install or disassemble. If doing outdoor flying, you’d better disassemble the covers to reduce weight for the copter so that it could be more sensitive. And the camera is ready at any time, you can let the quad-copter stably hover around the established object, then it will automatically capture what you want .
Syma X5CFurthermore, I strongly suggest you putting on these protection covers when flying indoor. Considering flight safety, you may fly with low throttle in case of getting knocked to hard ground. What’s more, Syma X5C is equipped with colorful LED lights near the four rotors, ensuring both day and night flying and aerial photography. Especially when flying at night, you be deeply attached by its elegant bearing.
Syma X5CIn addition, the equipped remote controller provides both left and right operating modes in accordance with personal habits. And the camera actually owns 2 million pixels which can basically meet demand of aerial beginners.

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