Sunnysky motors: there must be a type of motor suitable for your aircraft

Sunnysky Motors

Inherited from the conception of high efficiency but low noise, Sunnysky motors have made a big progress towards latest series of motors. Typically, those motors can be applied to most kinds of aircraft in terms of their certain characteristics. No matter what type of of aircraft you play, I bet you can find the the right motors matched with the aircraft. Generally, they are divided into three series, respectively X series, V series and XS series.
Sunnysky MotorsFor instance, the X series is specially designed for fixed wing copter with its advanced performance of tension and power maximization. The V series motors are applied to unmanned plane, vertical aircraft and multiple axis copter. And stable running is the main feature of this series whose rotors are dynamic tested and adjusted. Meanwhile, the V series make the efficiency maximization under a certain tension. As for XS series, they are the derivatives of X series designed for multiple rotor copters.
Sunnysky MotorsAdopting long wire lead-out, Sunnysky motors provide much convenience for model enthusiasts. The motor base owns a group of mounting holes compatible with rack installation which is the mainstream on present market. In addition, they retain the traditional motor appearance which is very simple and neat and can protect the coil. Besides, those motors gains very good heat-decreasing function, thus they won’t get burned easily and are much more durable.
Sunnysky MotorsFor high KV motors, they took large diameter bearing so that they could keep stability both in medium and lower speed, at the same time, the radial direction could well support in a instantaneous high speed. Moreover, the motor testing work is pretty much detailed: static test for adapted ability for a variety of propeller under various gas is given in detailed number records. The whole system had got through dynamic test, which ensures high stability and low noises when  running.
Sunnysky MotorsFor the aerial enthusiasts, the high-quality and decent-making disc sunnysky motors are the first choice on account of its high compatibility. Besides, the long silicone wire is suitable for different size, and is easy for installation of wires and accessories. Since they were applied to professional fields, they have enjoyed consistently high reputation.

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