Boscam HD19 proves different modes recording with wide angle of view

Boscam HD19

You could left out a high definition camera if you mean to make fabulous aerial photography.  Considering weight and volume requirements, enthusiasts always prefer choosing miniature camera like Boscam HD19 specially designed for aerial use based on the strict requirements of wide angle of view and high-stability video recording. It is a real-time broadcast camera that can send what the camera shoot back to a display device through receiving and transmitting system, at the same time, it can record all the scenery in order for replay after the model copter back to the ground.
Boscam HD19In addition, aerial camera like Boscam HD19 supports 1080/30p and 720/60p modes recording, meanwhile it possesses five million pixels and 170 degree angle of view, which allows you to capture shocking and stereo image. So aerial enthusiasts could timely start or stop recording just by operating the remote control. Besides, all interfaces are seamlessly integrated into current widely used 5.8G diagram system, users are allowed to enjoy high-definition and stable real-time broadcast after connecting the camera to the diagram system. Apparently, excellent aerial photography is finished by a set of complete and excellent equipment while a set of complete equipment requires prefect performance of each part. In terms of the camera, it is very valuable to enhance the fluency of shooting cooperated with the rest part.
Boscam HD19Moreover, Boscam HD19 adopts the forth generation CMOS sensor and DSP digital chip synthesis technology. Compared with the same series product, it allows to put out clearer and more vivid images. The small size make it easy to install in the tiny space and small pipe, while the light weight allows it to be installed without causing any damage to the surface of the model copter. Moreover, users can switch between day and night mode in case of losing wonderful night scene, cause sometimes the night scene seems to be more attractive.

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