Walkera Scout X4 with Follow-me-mode suitable for high-level videography

Walkera Scout X4

Presently, it seems to be the most advanced aerial aircraft among Walkera products. Yes, what I’m talking about is Walkera Scout X4, A GPS FPV quad-copter made in line with high-end technology. Apart from GPS setting and real-time monitoring, it possesses the newest follow-me-mode and multi-purpose functions, which is both fit for stationary and dynamic object aerial photography.
Walkera Scout X4First of all, you will be attracted by its waypoint mission with 128 point GPS positioning. I bet when you see this, your mouth could open to the degree like a big “O”. On one hand, this means the quad-copter can fly very long time and distance than you except. On the other hand, you are allowed to enjoy pretty wide scenery, which makes me feel it just like a pathfinder sometimes and help me to find mysterious scenes that I’ve never seen.
Walkera Scout X4Besides, enthusiasts can set a take-off point and destination through the touch mobile screen, and everything is under your eyes just like you were the pilot, which is what we call first person of view.after setting the flight route, you can get better control of the copter, never worrying it will be out of your eyes. And if it does, you can make it find the right way in accordance with the rated flying route, pretty safe and reliable.
Walkera Scout X4The most favored part of Walkera Scout X4 definitely is follow-me-mode, which is superior beyond all of the aerial aircraft. You just need set the object to follow, the plane will keep track of it and won’s lost wherever the object goes. Specially for people who are fond of extreme sport, this function will help to capture every cool bearing of you. Actually, it can be applied to movie shooting which requires high dynamic movements.
Walkera Scout X4Typically, the motors are fixed to be used. That is, you can just start with four-motor mode if the aircraft gets four. As for this quad-copter, it owns eight motors that could improve the load ability. What’s more, you can turn it to four-motor mode if needed, which saves much energy during the process of flying. To make more stable and flexible aerial photography, you have to adjust the pulling power now and then.
Walkera Scout X4Moreover, the quad-copter is equipped with new advanced intelligent orientation control, which means the flight direction have nothing to do with the nose of the copter once starting IOC function. Therefore, you can capture very abundant perspectives. In addition, the quad-copter can make circle around a GPS waypoint to get full scenes of it. All in all, the GPS positioning not only help you to hover on a stationary points, but also allows to photographing dynamic scenes.
Walkera Scout X4
Furthermore, there are several ways to call Walkera Scout X4 back. According to the pre-set airline, you just have to click the back button and the copter will turn back along the route. Besides, it supports one key go home and failsafe return to home features. In case of losing the signal, the quad-copter will automatically return to the takeoff place when it flies into the area where there gets very weak signal.
Walkera Scout X4Finally, hope you enjoy super amazing aerial photographing via Walkera Scout X4, and you will have fully fun cause the copter offers 25 minutes flight for one time.

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