SunnySky X2212 promotes practical utility of a motor based on high performance

SunnySky X2212 KV980

Currently, more and more enthusiasts tend to fly fixed-wing aircraft. Specially among DIY aircraft enthusiasts, SunnySky X2212 enjoys pretty high reputation on account of its advanced performance of tension and power maximization. It is said that this tape motor is of comparatively lighter weight and smaller volume but more efficient power. The new-made rowlock provides more stable rotating and it is easily to be assembled or disassembled. Moreover, the concealed design ensures security of the motor bearing. The most important thing is, it makes very little noise compared with other motors.
SunnySky X2212 KV980
Adopted long wire lead-out, SunnySky X2212 provides convenient installation to meet different needs of DIY enthusiasts. And the motor base is set with a group of mounting holes compatible with rack installation of the mainstream on the present market, meanwhile it retains traditional motor appearance which is very simple and neat and can protect the coil. Besides, the motor provides smoothly rotating with strong resistance to the interference. As long as you start flying, the copter will not automatically decline unless you make it land on the ground. In addition, it adopts 0.2mm iron chip which could dissipate the heat by fast rotating and enhance its efficiency. That is to say, you may get a longer service life motor if you choose it.
SunnySky X2212 KV1400
What’s more, the working system of SunnySky X2212 had been through dynamic test, which means it possesses high stability and motivation when the rotor running. Furthermore, the long silicone wire is fit for different size, and it’s easy for installation of wires and accessories. For people who are aerial enthusiasts, the high quality and decent making disc brushless motor definitely is the first choice because of its comprehensive capability. Since it was used in professional multiple-axis aircraft flying, it has been popular with many enthusiasts.

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