ZTW Spider 40A reaches perfect control of aircraft motor

ZTW Spider 40A

With fast developing of brushless motors, brushless electronic speed controllers has become mainstream. They are widely applied to model car and airplane to control the motor and better monitor the real actions with rated speed. Take reliable ZTW Spider 40A for example, the brushless electronic speed controller is specially made for quad-copter. It is featured by delicate manufacture, great throttle curve and super smooth motor starting. Meanwhile, it supports pulse width modulated input rates up to 600Hz for great response on your quad-copter.
ZTW Spider 40A
Fashion design and high quality with best performance make it the most cost-effective brushless electronic speed controller ensuring safety of quad-copter while flying. It is said that ZTW Spider 40A is built with extremely low internal resistance, which provides stable working voltage and allows safe flying. Besides, super smooth and accurate throttle linearity could better help a quad-copter finish a variety of difficult simulate movements. And the electronic speed controller supports high RPM motors, allowing faster and higher flight. The most important thing is, the safety thermal over-load protection and power arming protection provides your motor and copter with pretty careful caution. The throttle will automatically shut down if the signal got lost, preventing the motor from accidentally running.
ZTW Spider 40A ZTW Spider 40A
Moreover, ZTW Spider 40A adopts new generation of the MOSFETs tomake sure it possesses low heating and more reliability. All in all, The ESC is high-quality speed controllers and designed for simple installation and easy to setup. It has been proved that the brushless electronic speed controller offers excellent performance in multi-rotor applications. If you start out in multi-rotors and need an easy installation solution that is tested and proven to work with multi-rotor copters, then the electronic speed controller can meet your needs. If you want to make a different flight, now take the ESC with your multi-rotor copter.
ZTW Spider 40A

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