Mini Double Brushless Flybarless Hisky HCP100S

Hisky HCP100S

I get shocked by the light green shell of Hisky HCP100S first time saw it. Perhaps, some of your will not buy the color, but it is easy to identify the the nose and get better control of the copter while doing difficult 3D fancy flying. actually, the newly released mini copter has made a great progress in terms of flying performance, thus attracting a mass of copter enthusiasts. It is the first dual brushless mini copter with the lightest weight and the most concise structure. Taken off its shell, every device is clearly well-organized in accordance with scientific arrangement. There is no any unnecessary part for the whole formation, and it is very suitable for fancy flying.
Hisky HCP100S
The most outstanding feature of Hisky HCP100S for sure is dual-brushless motors design. As we know, brushless motor cause no electronic spark even if working at very high speed, dramatically reduce interference towards wireless electronic equipment. Besides, the friction has been greatly decreased and there is much less noise while rotating, providing very stable and quiet flight. Especially for 3D mini copter, brushless motor can present its best performance. At the past, most copter just adopted single brushless motor cause it cost more money and the copter did not need such high device due to individual components. And this mini 3D flight copter has prompted its comprehensive performance, which will far exceed your expectation.
Hisky HCP100SHisky HCP100S
Sometimes I am doubt what kind of person would like collect different copters, and I find the answer until I see Hisky HCP100S. It could be the charming appreciation on account of its exquisite design just putting in on the toy shelf. However, it eventually is a high-performance copter which could reach very stimulated 3D flight. You do have to worry its safety for sake of its reasonable structure and tough shell. As long as you are an experienced enthusiasts, you will see how much fun it is.
Hisky HCP100S Hisky HCP100S

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