You are right to choosing DYS Motor for your copter

DYS Motor

Choosing what kind of motor could directly determine the flying performance of your copter. Typically, you have to pay attention to the type of your copter and get suitable motor. Generally speaking, DYS Motor is of light wight and tiny volume but provides very efficient power. Even if you fly your copter at night, there is very little noise caused by the motor. Besides, the motor provides smoothly rotating with strong resistance to the interference. Once you start flying, the copter will not automatically decline unless you make it land on the ground. In addition, the high-quality motor ensures a relatively long service life on account of its excellent feature of getting no heat.
DYS Motor
Apart from the high performance of a motor you care about, users have to choose a certain type of a motor for your copter according to the suitable battery and propellers of your copter.  Take BE1806 DYS Motor for example, it is perfectly matched with three-blade 5030 propellers and 3S batteries, even it could support 3-blade 6030 propellers with 4S batteries. Usually, the bigger propellers of your copter are, the larger pulling power it will provide. At the same time, the power is provided by both the motor and the battery. If you choose wrong type motor, it would consume lots of unnecessary energy and even make the propellers rotating in the contrary direction, which is very dangerous for your copter.
DYS Motor DYS Motor
Moreover, the super strength out-runner multicopter dedicated brushless DYS Motor is made of efficient silicon steel and 40UH high temperature powerful magnet. The sell of the motor took high-precision CNC machining, which hd got through pretty strict balancing test. To reduce motor vibration, it specially adopted Japanese NSK pure imported bearings. All in all, the motors are perfectly compatible with most commercially available multicopters with the large variety of different types offered.just remember: you are right to choose the motor for your copter on condition that you have taken what I mentioned before into consideration.

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