IMAX B6 Balance Charger: Safest and Caring choice for Your LiPo Battery

iMAX B6 Balance Charger

For sure li-polymer battery has gathered advantages of safety, environmental protection and high efficiency and so on. Many people seem to have a big misunderstand towards li-polymer rechargeable battery. If you just put the battery on your model toy and charge it at the any time according to your needs, the advantages of li-polymer battery will not surely presented as you expected. And the length of its service life will be much shorter cause of your neglect about choosing the right charger. In addition to the simple charging method, you have to make sure that the charger you use is the special charger for li-polymer battery like IMAX B6 Balance Charger.
iMAX B6  Balance Charger
As a matter of fact, experienced model players will choose IMAX B6 Balance Charger for the rechargeable battery, because it has very detailed and delicate functions for sake of giving put all the performance advantages of li-polymer battery. Under a careful observation, you will see there is a print for you to choose charging voltage, so it is suitable for different rated voltages of LiPo battery. In addition, the charger has safe charging time setting, that is to say the battery will be automatically cut off by  after a certain period of time charging in case the overheat battery get burned. As for the capacity limit, the same principle goes for it. Once the battery has been charged to a specifical capacity, it will stop charing, otherwise the service life of the rechargeable battery will be effected.
iMAX B6  Balance Charger
IMAX B6 Balance Charger is set with quick charge option buttons, which may save your time and realize a quick short time charging. Furthermore, if it is not to be used or discharged immediately, the program works in the initial state of the battery. After the battery has reach the rated voltage, the program begins to discharge. No matter the battery in the “storage” or “discharge” process, the charger will the processor monitors the voltage of each section battery. If any section battery voltage is abnormal, the charger will display an error message and fore to end application. You just need press the INC print, then you will know which section of battery goes wrong. So I say it is the safest and caring balance charger for your LiPo battery.

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