WLtoys V931 2.4G 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale Flybarless RC Helicopter Review


The topic today is about a high simulation AS350 helicopter, called WLtoys V931 RC helicopter. It is said that flying this helicopter is really interesting and funny, welcomed by many people who are fond of RC flying.
Thanks to its fine appearance and unique designs, high end components, professional transmitter and nice package, it is guaranteed that this helicopter can perform and function well for you. Before getting to know its detailed information, let’ s see how interesting and funny it really is to fly this helicopter together.

Interesting and funny flight

3.7V 500mAh 25C battery provides the power the helicopter needs for flying. With enough power supply, this helicopter can do various actions and movements, such as flying up and down, left and right, forward and backward, side flying, hovering, and so on. Flying this helicopter is really interesting and funny.

Fine appearance and unique designs
This helicopter has find appearance and unique designs. It is 238 mm in body length, 244 mm in rotor diameter and 77mm in height, weighing 65.5g. According to AS350 prototype ratio, this helicopter has high simulation and fine appearance design. Quote aerodynamic blade provides strong power and body self stability. The details of the product are unique in the market three oars without aileron design.

High end components
This WLtoys V931 RC helicopter has applied new gyroscope three-axis set with 6-axis gyro mode as a whole, giving you more flight fun. High efficiency brushless motor, citing aerodynamic blade design, provides a strong impetus. With 3-axis mode aerobatic, you can easily make a variety of stunts.


Six-axis mode ultra-stable makes it especially suitable for beginner. It is really easy to play. It also has high performance ESC, to ensure excellent performance of this helicopter. It is obvious that this helicopter is advanced and excellent, consisting of high end components to guarantee wonderful flight.

Professional transmitter
This helicopter obtains a professional transmitter, 6 channel remote control. You are allowed to take full control of this helicopter remotely for interesting and funny flight. Especially with aircraft hovering point setting, this transmitter permits entering the setting mode to set the hover plane according to your needs. This transmitter is really useful and practical.

V931 V931

1 x WLtoys V931 RC Helicopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charger
1 x Battery
3 x Main Blade
1 x Manual
This helicopter is well packed. There is a manual included to instruct you in controlling and operating this helicopter, quite practical and beneficial. All the accessories in the package are useful and practical for you to make the most of the helicopter for flight fun. What a nice package!

In short, this WLtoys V931 RC helicopter is really outstanding and amazing, capable of bringing you great flight fun. If you want to have a high simulation helicopter, this RC helicopter is definitely your top choice.

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