Wltoys V303-A Seeker RC Quadcopter Review

Wltoys V303-A

The topic today is a newly promoted RC quadcopter, called Wltoys V303-A Seeker RC quadcopter. This quadcopter is really funny and interesting, obtaining outstanding features excellent performance.
Wltoys V303-A
Before getting to know its outstanding features, let’ s see its excellent flying performance at first together.

Flying of V303-A Seeker RC quadcopter

The flying of this quadcopter is really amazing and excellent. With 6-axis system, this quadcopter can fly up and down, left and right, forward and backward, and even turn left and right. What’ s more, it can do hanging and 360 degree rotating. Flying this quadcopter is really wonderful and enjoyable.

High end components

Wltoys V303-A
This quadcopter consists many high end components. It is made of advanced material, high quality PA body. Flexible propeller and delicately designed skid landing gear make it durable for long time use. This quadcopter has unique appearance, quite attractive and eye-catching.

Remote control

Wltoys V303-A
This Wltoys V303-A Seeker RC quadcopter is controlled by professional transmitter, with 500 meters of remote control distance. It can support user-defined initial pitch angle, sensitivity parameters adjustment and software 3D display. It is really useful and practical in flying.

Brushless gimbal

Wltoys V303-A
This quadcopter has also applied brushless gimbal for GoPro camera, with high precision and high stability which can avoid camera shaking and achieve best shooting effect. It is ideal for a range of applications, from film and TV to cinematography.

Practical function

Wltoys V303-A
This quadcopter obtains many practical function, such as CF headless mode, Come Home Button Ready, Failsafe and Self Landing, Set high mode and so on. It has two-level low voltage protection to guarantee its safe landing. It has auto-return function. When the explorer beyond the range, the system will automatically start its protection function for the aircraft safely return. This quadcopter can support reverse connection protection, voltage compensation and short circuit protection of motor driving end. All those practical function ensure excellent flying performance.

Night flying

Wltoys V303-A
This quadcopter is equipped with LED lights, making night flight possible. Those lights not only make the quadcopter fascinating and fantastic, but also work well in finding the right direction at night. 11.1V 2700mAh 25C lithium battery provides the power the quadcopter needs for flying, demanding 60 to 120 minutes of charging time. After fully charged, this quadcopter can fly about 12 to 15 minutes, permitting you to enjoy the wonderful night flight for a long time.

After the discussion, it is easy to see that this Wltoys V303-A Seeker RC quadcopter is really outstanding and excellent, capable of bringing you great fun of flying and photographing. If you are fond of RC flying or aerial photographing, this quadcopter is absolutely the best choice for you to have.

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