FX070C 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Flybarless MD500 Scale RC Helicopter Review


Today, I will show you a new RC helicopter, named FX070C RC helicopter which is a 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis gyro flybarless MD500 Scale RC helicopter. This helicopter is well known for its amazing features, remote control, interesting and funny flight, as well as delicate package, beloved by many RC enthusiasts.
To know more about this helicopter, you can read the following which will show you its detailed information clearly, allowing you to have a clear mind of how amazing and excellent this helicopter really is.

Amazing features
With cool appearance and realistic modeling, which has fatal attraction to the player, this helicopter will bring you to experience great sensational effects that catch full attention. This helicopter features flybarless system. The flybarless system of this helicopter can not only catch eyeball, but also help the beginner of aeromodeling effectively exercise the maneuvers which will lay a good foundation for the 3D flight. With electromechanical automatic correction instead of the conventional balance rod adjustment, this helicopter is of quick response and high efficiency in flight regardless of its large size. Meanwhile, it is equipped with higher stability and anti-wind capability.

Remote control
This FX070C RC helicopter is remotely controlled by a professional transmitter, with about 50 meters of remote control distance. Through this transmitter, you can control the speed, direction and movements of this helicopter. You can also do speed changing, direction modifying, and some others. With the assistance of this transmitter, you are able to take full control of the flight of this helicopter for great and wonderful flight.

Interesting and funny flight
This helicopter can easily accomplish four channel actions while realizing funnel, circulation and other stunts at the same time, which provides the player of high quality experience.
This helicopter is functional, capable of flying up and down, left and right, forward and backward. It can also do side flying, hovering and so on. Various actions and movements can be done by this helicopter. According to statistics, this helicopter is capable of flying about 7 to 8 minutes after fully charged, which means you are able to enjoy the funny and interesting flight for a long time.

Delicate package
1 x FX070C
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual
The package of this helicopter is delicate. A manual is packed for you to guide you how to operate it correctly. Some other needed accessories are included to permit you to take full control of this helicopter easily and conveniently for funny flight. How delicate the package is!

By now, after knowing the above information, you can see how amazing and excellent this FX070C RC helicopter really is. This helicopter is really functional and strong, allowing you to have an interesting and funny flight. It is no wonder that this helicopter is welcomed and beloved by so many people.

3 thoughts on “FX070C 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Flybarless MD500 Scale RC Helicopter Review

  1. Hi. I Have one and it likes to fly for 2 minutes and all the power cuts off. I shut off the copter and turn it back on and it will fly again only for two minutes. It also has a tendency to rock back and forth on take off and when you want to go forward or backwards. Does this mean it is tail heavy. Could someone tell me if I have a problem with the motor. I ordered more parts and will change them when they come in. Thanks

  2. Like this bird. Have painted and added an action figure to pilot it. The lights look great. Having some trouble with the replacement They don’t seem to work all the time. Copter flips over on it’s side when you throttle up. I have 8 and I hasve to use a different transmitter from one of my other FX070c copters. The tail rotor spins too fast sometimes when I use another transmitter from another FX070c.

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