Walkera DEVO F12E FPV Transmitter 5.8Ghz Image Monitor Review

Walkera DEVO F12E

Today, I will introduce you an advanced and multifunctional transmitter, called Walkera DEVO F12E FPV transmitter. This transmitter is a high quality product of the famous brand of Walkera, obtaining outstanding features and excellent performance.
Walkera DEVO F12E
Before getting to know its detailed information of features and performance, let’ s see what this transmitter is really like at first in the following.

DEVO F12E FPV transmitter

This transmitter is really amazing and appealing, collected 2.4Ghz control system with 5.8Ghz image transmission function. It has built-in 32 channels to receive 5.8Ghz real-time images, quite functional and practical. From the video, it is easy to see that this transmitter is an advanced and multifunctional product.

Telemetry function
Walkera DEVO F12EThis transmitter features telemetry function, capable of showing the voltage, temperature, GPS coordinates, altitude, distance and so on in real-time, allowing you to take full control of RC playing to the largest extent.

Battery voltage, motor temperature real-time warning

Walkera DEVO F12EThis transmitter also has 3 pcs battery voltage monitoring display and 4 pcs temperature monitoring display. When the data is beyond the normal range, it will warn you about it, quite useful and helpful.

Ergonomic gimbal control knob

Walkera DEVO F12EThis transmitter possesses ergonomic gimbal control knot, and the comfortable knob design ensures that you can control the gimbal for photography easily and conveniently. It also has accurate control of pitch and roll ranges. Its pitch control ranges from -130 to 90 degree, and its roll control ranges from -45 to 45 degree. It is really functional and useful in photography.

Long range video transmitter

Walkera DEVO F12EThis Walkera DEVO F12E FPV transmitter has long range video control, and the max range can reach to 1.5km with stable transmission signal. It is clear that this transmitter supports long distance RC playing, quite impressive and attractive.

Multi-language choosing

Walkera DEVO F12EThis transmitter has multiple languages for you to choose, and English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol are selectable to meet multi-national users’ requirements. You can choose the language you prefer for RC controlling.

Large compatibilities

Walkera DEVO F12EThis transmitter has large compatibilities, and it is perfectly compatible with helicopter, airplane, glider and so on. It supports multi-rotor memorized 15 model data wire, wireless transmission, fixed binding and random binding model. The transmitter is really strong and powerful.

Upgrade online freely

Walkera DEVO F12EThis transmitter supports upgrade online freely, and you can enjoy a lifelong USB quick and easy upgrade online. At this kind of situation, you are allowed to enjoy the latest and advanced service the transmitter can bring to you, which is really beneficial and practical.

Until now, you can see how outstanding and excellent this Walkera DEVO F12E FPV transmitter really is from the above. This advanced and multifunctional transmitter is really useful and practical in RC playing. If you are fond of RC toys, this transmitter is absolutely a worthwhile product for you to have.

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