Walkera G-3D 3 Axis Camera Gimbal Review

walkera g-3d gimbal

The topic today is about the Walkera G-3D gimbal which is a 3 axis gimbal system designed for iLook and Gopro, with advantages of light weight, high precision and excellent stability. This camera gimbal has been widely accepted and applied by many people who are fond of aerial photography.
walkera g-3d gimbal
Before talking about its detailed information, let’ s see what this camera gimbal is really like in details in the following.

Walkera G-3D 3 axis camera gimbal

Adopting aluminum alloy CNC precision machining, brushless motor drive, high accuracy intelligent electronic control system, this camera gimbal can be widely applied to film photography, advertising aerial photography, and so on. The highly precise and stable structure can ensure that the aircraft can accurately control the mounted camera to keep stable during high-speed flying and take the best aerial photography pictures and videos.

Smart design
walkera g-3d gimbal
This camera gimbal has smart design with aluminum alloy body, featuring high precision and light weight. It also has accurate control of pitch and roll ranges. Its pitch control ranges from -130 to 90 degree, and its roll control ranges from -45 to 45 degree. With this smart design, this camera gimbal can be applied for photographing to the largest extent, quite useful and practical.

High precision
walkera g-3d gimbal
This camera gimbal has high precision, perfectly supporting iLook, iLook+, Gopro3, Gopro3+ camera. It is quite clear that this gimbal is functional. This gimbal is easy to operate and more stable in aerial photography.

Brushless motor control

walkera g-3d gimbal
Brushless motor is specially designed for this Walkera G-3D gimbal. With the latest attitude control system, it can fly rectify in time the flight attitude when shooting pictures, and make images more stable.

High precision control system
walkera g-3d gimbal
This camera gimbal obtains high precision control system, and the latest attitude control system can avoid greatly the shaking phenomenon when shooting pictures, and achieve the best effects of images.

Upgrade online
walkera g-3d gimbal
This camera gimbal can support free online program upgrading, and make a more secure flight, which means that you are able to enjoy the latest advanced service. This feature of this camera gimbal is really amazing impressive.

After the discussion, it is not difficult to see that this Walkera G-3D gimbal is definitely a useful and helpful equipment for aerial photography. No matter it is for interest or work, this camera gimbal can do you great favor in taking pictures and videos if you have owned it. This camera gimbal is absolutely worthwhile for you to possess.

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