Joysway Super Mono X 8209 Brushless RC Boat Review

Joysway Super Mono X

Today, I will share an extremely funny and interesting RC toy with you, that is Joysway Super Mono X 8209 Brushless RC boat. This RC boat has brought me great fun since I have owned it. If you are fond of RC playing, this RC boat is your top choice for fun.
Joysway Super Mono X
Before getting to know the detailed information of this RC boat, let’ s see the exciting and wonderful sailing of this boat together.

Exciting and wonderful sailing

The Super Mono X Brushless RC boat is one of the best RC boat around the world, featuring authentic and stylish detailing. This boat is perfect for pools, ponds, rivers and lakes. What’ s more, it is anti-shipwreck so that you don’ t have to worry about the boat safety problems. It is obvious that the sailing of this RC boat is really exciting and wonderful.

Cool and fashionable designs
Joysway Super Mono X
This Joysway Super Mono X 8209 Brushless RC boat is 420mm in length and 120mm in beam, only weighing 450g. It is made of plastic, with red color, extremely eye-catching. Many people have been attracted by its cool and fashionable designs, and there is no exception of me. I am addicted to it at the first sight.

High end components

Joysway Super Mono X
Equipped with a water cooled outrunner 2812-2950KV brushless motor and a 30A water cooled brushless ESC with BEC, this RC boat has super high speed and great manoeuvring capabilities. Featuring a CNC aluminum alloy rudder, stainless steel turn fins and trim tabs, this RC boat uses an efficient 2.3mm flex drive to the two blade nylon propellers. All those high end components of this RC boat ensure that you can has high speed and long distance sailing with this boat happily and pleasantly.

High speed and long distance performance

Joysway Super Mono X
This RC boat has high speed and long distance performance. The top speed of this boat can reach up to 45km/h, and the remote control distance can reach 100 meters. Powered by 11.1V 1300-2200mAh 25C li-po battery, you can enjoy the funny and interesting sailing.

Joysway Super Mono X
1 x RC boat
1 x transmitter
1 x 11.1V 25C li-po battery
1 x balance charger
1 x battery for transmitter
1 x instruction manual
1 x charger

It is obvious this RC boat is well packed. All the needed accessories are included for you to enjoy the sailing of this boat to the largest extent. An instructional manual is packed for you to guide you how to sail it. What a considerate package!

Until now, you can see how wonderful and exciting it is to sail this Joysway Super Mono X 8209 Brushless RC boat. I have already had great fun with it. If you want to enjoy sailing by yourself or send it as a present to your friends or relatives, this RC boat is definitely the best choice available for you.

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