Hubsan H301F 2.4G Hawk FPV EPO Airplane Review

Hubsan H301F

Today, the RC toy we are going to talk about is the Hubsan H301F 2.4G Hawk FPV EPO airplane, which is a new funny and interesting RC airplane. For RC lovers, this airplane should never be missed up as it is really excellent and remarkable.
Hubsan H301F
Before knowing its detailed information, let’ s see a video about the interesting and funny flight of this airplane.

Interesting and funny flight

From the video, it is easy to see that flying this airplane is really funny and interesting. If you have owned this airplane, you can fly it up and down, forward and backward, left and right. You can also make it do side flying. Various actions and movements can be done by this airplane, quite interesting and funny. Powered by 2S 7.4V 450mAh Li-Po battery, this airplane can fly for a super long time.

High end components
Hubsan H301F
This airplane is 843mm in wing span and 617mm in overall length, with 180g flying weight. This airplane is a 4 channel aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle control RC airplane, made of EPO molded foam airframe.
Hubsan H301F
This airplane has adopted C1404 brushless 3000kV motor, 6A brushless ESC and 3.7g / 0.12sec/60o servos. All those high end components ensure that this airplane can work and perform well for you.

Professional transmitter
Hubsan H301F
This Hubsan H301F 2.4G Hawk FPV EPO airplane has applied 4-Channel 2.4G professional transmitter with 3.5″ LCD color monitor. With the assistance of this transmitter, you can take full control of this airplane for great fun. This LCD assists you a lot to better fly this airplane, quite useful and practical.

Camera function
Hubsan H301F
This airplane obtains 5 megapixels camera, with live video distance of 400 meters. Equipped with the camera, this airplane can be applied for aerial photography. By observing the LCD, you can have a clear mind of what this airplane can see from a totally different angle. The pictures and videos the camera taken must be wonderful and amazing. The camera function of this airplane is really outstanding and remarkable.

Hubsan H301F
1 x RC Airplane
1 x Transmitter
After the discussion, it is not difficult to see that this new Hubsan H301F 2.4G Hawk FPV EPO airplane is an outstanding remarkable RC toy for you to have. If you have possessed this airplane, you are allowed to enjoy interesting and funny fight and its amazing camera function. This airplane is really worth possessing.

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