Eachine Light L250 5.8G 250mW Transmitter Review

Eachine Light L250

The topic today is about a useful and practical transmitter, named Eachine Light L250 transmitter. This transmitter is a 5.8G 250mW transmitter, obtaining amazing features and excellent performance.
Eachine Light L250
If you want to know more about it, you can read the following, which will show you the details of this transmitter and its excellent performance when working with Hero 3 clearly.

Details of this Eachine Light L250
Eachine Light L250
This transmitter is super small and lightweight. It is 40.8mm in length, 21mm in width and 8mm in height, with 7g net weight. The voltage input of this transmitter i 3.5 to 5.2V, and its sending power is 250mW. The working current of this transmitter is 360mA/3.7V. As for its working temperature, it is from 20 below zero to 85 degree.
Eachine Light L250
This transmitter supports USB video connector, compatible with Hero 3 and Hero 3+. As it is SMA connector, we suggest you to choose the short type of Clover Leaf Antennas. Knowing those detailed information can help you a lot in understanding the capabilities of this transmitter and utilizing this transmitter for practical use to the largest extent.

Working with Hero 3
Eachine Light L250
Usually, this Eachine Light L250 transmitter works with Hero 3 and Hero 3+. With 32CH and new LED, this transmitter can show you the frequency you are working at. The video bandwidth is 8M, and the audio encoder is 6.5M. Working on 3.7V one cell battery, you can use tiny camera to support 500mAh work for 1.3hrs.
Eachine Light L250
If you long press it for 3 sec, the band will change following A-B-E-F circle, and CH always goes to CH1 for next band. If you short press it, CH will go 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and circle. This transmitter really has excellent performance.

Besides, this transmitter is great to work with DJI 2-Axis and 3-Axis brushless gimbals. What it needs is a sticker to stick battery to the back of the gimbal in order to get balance.

Eachine Light L250
1 x Transmitter
1 x 4 Pins Connecting Cable
1 x User Manual
This transmitter is well packed. A soft 4 pin cable is packed for FPV use, and you can have other source of video in. A user manual is included for you to understand what this transmitter is really like and what it is capable. What a delicate and considerate package!

By now, it is easy to see from the above that this Eachine Light L250 transmitter is really amazing and excellent. This useful and practical transmitter is definitely worth possessing.

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  1. I purchased one of these. It is a great frame, but it does not weigh 600g. All-up weight with landing gear and undercarriage fitted, is 730g. This is lot of extra weight over and above the advertised weight. I am lucky that I built in some extra headroom in my thrust calculations, or I could have been in a bit of trouble.

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