Eachine H1 2.4GHz Mini RC UFO Quadcopter Review

Eachine H1

For people who are fond of RC toys, here is a new product successfully launched, that is Eachine H1 2.4GHz mini RC UFO quadcopter. This quadcopter is specially designed, obtaining many outstanding and impressive features.
Eachine H1
The following aims to introduce you this quadcopter in details, especially its delicate designs, enjoyable flying, convenient charging and well-equipped package, enabling you to understand how outstanding this quadcopter really is.

Delicate designs

Eachine H1
This quadcopter is small, and it is 5.60cm in length, 5.60cm in width and 1.20cm in height. As it is small, it is perfect for children to play. Thanks to its small size, you are able to bring it out for happy and pleasant flying wherever you are. This quadcopter is really delicately designed, great for fun.

Enjoyable flying

Eachine H1
Flying this Eachine H1 2.4GHz mini RC UFO quadcopter is really enjoyable and exciting. You can fly it up and down, left and right, forward and backward, turn left and right. It can also do sideward flight, and even do rolling and throw to fly. Various movements and actions can be done by this quadcopter, quite funny and interesting. With this quadcopter, you are able to have great fun of flying.

Convenient charging

Eachine H1
This quadcopter can be charged by USB, quite easy and convenient. It can prevent overcharging. Built-in 3.7V 100mAh Fe battery provides the power the quadcopter needs for flying, requiring about 20 minutes of charging time. After fully charged, it can fly about 4.5 minutes with 30 meters controlling distance.

Well-equipped package

Eachine H1
1 x H1 Mini Quadcopter
1 x USB cable
1 x transmitter
4 x propeller
1 x English manual

This quadcopter is well-equipped. An English manual is included for instruction and guidance. USB cable is packed for easy and convenient charging. All the needed accessories are packed to enable you to enjoy the funny and interesting flight of this quadcopter to the fullest.

In a word, this latest launched RC toy, Eachine H1 2.4GHz mini RC UFO quadcopter, is really outstanding and remarkable, which can be observed from the above clearly. If you like flying quadcopter or collecting RC toys, this new type of quadcopter is definitely worthwhile for you to have.

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