Kim250Pro Fiberglass 4-axis Quadcopter Aircraft Frame Kit Review


Are you fond of RC quadcopter? Do you want to make a RC quadcopter by yourself? Do you know what you should prepare for the DIY? If you want to make a quadcopter by yourself, you should prepare a Kim250Pro Fiberglass 4-axis quadcopter aircraft frame kit for yourself, which is the essential and indispensable part of RC quadcopter.
This passage will show you what this frame kit is really like and what it should work with to form an excellent RC quadcopter.

Specification of the frame kit
This frame kit is made of high quality fiberglass, 5mm epoxy board for arm, making it sturdy and durable for long time use. It weighs 177g, and its wheelbase is 280mm. This frame kit is suitable for 4 axis quadcopter.
This Kim250Pro Fiberglass 4-axis quadcopter aircraft frame kit is the essential and necessary part, playing an important role in the DIY of quadcopter. With the assistance of this frame kit, this process of DIY makes great progress. After this frame kit prepared, you need to find some suitable assistant equipment for the DIY.

Configuration suggestion
Motor: 2204~2208 KV1800-2200
Propeller: 5-6inch
ESC: 8A-12A
Flight controller compatible: Rabbit, KK, MWC, NAZA, and support KK2.0, CC3D 30.5×30.5 install size.
Battery: 2S-3S, 1000~1800mAH
Camera: 32 CCD 808/808 V2

To make a good quadcopter, 2204~2208 KV1800-2200 motor, 5 to 6inch propeller and 8A-12A ESC are suggested for you. As it is compatible with rabbit, KK, MWC, NAZA, supporting KK2.0, CC3D 30.5×30.5 install size, you can choose the flight controller as you like. 2S-3S, 1000~1800mAH battery is needed to provide the power the quadcopter needs for flight, so that you should not forget about that.
Besides, if you are fond of photography, you can prepare 32 CCD 808/808 V2 camera which is perfect for this frame kit. With this camera, your quadcopter can be applied to take pictures and videos.

To do DIY of RC qudcopter, this Kim250Pro Fiberglass 4-axis quadcopter aircraft frame kit is indispensable and vital for you. After getting this high quality frame kit, you need to equip some suitable accessories to form an excellent quadcopter. With the help of those equipments, you can surely succeed in the DIY of RC quadcopter.

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