ESKY F150 MINI Scale Lama Three-axis Gyro Flybarless RC Helicopter Review


Here is a new RC helicopter for people who are fond of RC flying, that is ESKY F150 MINI Scale Lama RC helicopter. This helicopter is the latest product of ESKY, which is outstanding and impressive.
Now, let’ s see what this helicopter is really like and what it is capable of in details together in the following.

Delicate and exquisite designs

This helicopter is made of metal, plastic and fiberglass. It is 180mm in length, 42mm in width, 65mm in height and 165mm in main rotor diameter, with flying weight of 30g. This body of ESKY F150 is based on that famous helicopter and is a great combination of scale and performance for a Ready-to-Fly. Direct drive tail motor power system is applied for improved power and response. Three-axis gyro flybarless system design brings you more stable flight performance.
The helicopter is the ideal next step for any coaxial helicopter pilot ready to try single-rotor machines. Its fixed-pitch, simple rotor head and Artificial Stabilization Flybarless System, abbreviated as ASFS, has been specially designed to provide plenty of speed maneuverability while retaining the hands-off stability of a coaxial helicopter. It is quite clear that this helicopter is delicately and exquisitely designed.

Professional transmitter

This ESKY F150 MINI Scale Lama RC helicopter is equipped with professional transmitter, which allows you to take full control of the flight of this helicopter. With the assistance of this transmitter, you can adjust the speed, direction and movements of this helicopter, and you can also do speed changing, direction trimming, and some others. This professional transmitter is really useful and practical.

Interesting and funny flight

Flying this helicopter is really funny and interesting. If you have this helicopter, you can fly it up and down, forward and backward, left and right, and you can also make it side flying and rolling. Various actions and movements can be done by this helicopter. It is obvious that this helicopter is really funny and interesting to fly, capable of bringing you great flight fun.


1 x EAKY F150
1 x Transmitter(Mode 2)
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual

This helicopter is well packed. A manual is included to show you the detailed information of this helicopter and guide you how to fly it clearly. All the needed accessories are packed for you to enjoy the wonderful and amazing flight easily and conveniently. What a nice package!

In a word, this new ESKY F150 MINI Scale Lama RC helicopter is really outstanding and impressive. If you are fond of RC flying, this RC helicopter is absolutely your top decision.

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