Walkera Super CP 6CH 3D Helicopter Review

Walkera Super CP

Today, I will show you a famous and popular 3D helicopter called Walkera Super CP 6CH 3D helicopter. This helicopter is beloved and welcomed by many people, particularly RC enthusiasts.
Walkera Super CP
Before introducing its detailed information, let’s see how interesting and funny it is to fly this helicopter together.

Interesting and funny flight

Flying this helicopter is really funny and interesting as it can fly up and down, left and right, forward and backward. It can also do hovering, side flying, and even flipping. Various actions and movements can be done by this helicopter, allowing you to have a wonderful and enjoyable fight time.

High end components

Walkera Super CP
This helicopter consists of high end components. The electronic control system is used for integrated design for the first time, and 3 axis gyro stabilized system, servo control system and 2.4G receiving system are adopted. The balance bar of design, lowering power consumption, greatly enhances the cycle life and time of flight.
Walkera Super CP
Elegant Super CP integrates innovative and unique design concept, and its frame combines with aerodynamics, the optimal structure, maximum efficiency of around design, making you flight control. Mature low voltage driving system fully reflects the environmental protection and energy saving green concept. Powered by the high performance coreless motor, with high performance 3.7V battery, this helicopter allows you to enjoy your flight full of fun, wherever you are. All those components of this helicopter are really advance and practical.

Professional DEVO 7E transmitter

Walkera Super CP
Walkera Super CP
This Walkera Super CP 6CH 3D helicopter is equipped with DEVO 7E transmitter. With its telemetry displaying and function setting, you can enjoy safe flight. The built-in telemetry module function can transmit vital model feedback to the transmitter. The data will help you monitor the data of battery’ s voltage, temperature, RPM, GPS and the flying status, to avoid the crash of this helicopter. It is easy to help you to find the telemetry data. Besides, when the flying data exceed the setting specification, the alarm will beep and vibrate to remind you and ensure safety flying.
Walkera Super CP
This transmitter can also update online with normal USB wire. Through the connection of the USB, You can enter into the upgrading homepage online, allowing you to enjoy the latest advanced service. It is really advanced and functional.


Walkera Super CP
1 x Helicopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Li-polymer battery pack
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Wire
1 x Wall adapter/Power supply
1 x Tool kits
2 x Main rotor blade

The package of this product is also delicate and considerate. A users manual is packed to inform you the detailed information of this helicopter and guide you how to operate it. All the needed accessories are well-packed for you to enjoy happy and funny flight. What a delicate and considerate package!

Until now, it is quite clear that this Walkera Super CP 6CH 3D helicopter is really outstanding and excellent. It is made of high end components, equipped with DEVO 7E transmitter, delicately packed to bring you interesting and funny flight. It is no wonder that this helicopter is welcomed by so many people.

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