Flying 3D X8 6 Axis 2.4G 8CH GPS FPV RC Quadcopter Review

Flying 3D X8

On the fiercely competitive market, there is a new RC quadcopter, called Flying 3D X8 FPV RC quadcopter which has been successfully launched for RC enthusiasts. If you are fond of RC toys, this quadcopter is the one you should never miss up.
Flying 3D X8
This quadcopter features delicate and exquisite designs, strong power supply, professional transmitter and well-equipped package. All those features ensure that this quadcopter can bring you great fun of flying.

Delicate and exquisite designs

Flying 3D X8
This quadcopter is 251mm in length, 251mm in width and 224 in height, and it has 3 flight modes, 5 flying functions, that is attitude, hight, GPS, returning, AOC. High precision GPS supports high precision fixed-point, constant speed, and good resistance to wind. It can effectively enhance the flight safety and reduce drop probability by self-course reversal and hover when losing control. According to intelligent landing test, the power output will stop once landing, providing a perfect landing. Those designs guarantee excellent performance of this quadcopter.
Flying 3D X8
This quadcopter has flight control interaction design, concentrated with gyroscope, balance meter and pressure meter. It is capable of calibrating and starting flying with no use to contact the computer. It also has one key recover system. The flying area is restrict, and height and distance can be auto controlled.
Flying 3D X8
There is USB hub available, no driver required. There is flying log for recording and playback, massive SD card ensuring long data record. It can support automatically firmware upgrading online. It is clear that this quadcopter is well designed to make sure its outstanding performance.

Strong power supply

Flying 3D X8
11.1V 3S 2200MAH battery provides the power the Flying 3D X8 FPV RC quadcopter needs for flying. With enough power supply, this quadcopter can fly about 15 minutes. This quadcopter has low voltage protection. It supports low voltage automatic landing, significantly prolonging the service life of battery.

Professional transmitter

Flying 3D X8 Flying 3D X8
This transmitter is a professional and certified one, gained the certification of CE and FCC. It has low voltage warning. Icon blinks and alarms when it is less than 4.2V, and icon blinks and short alarms when it is less than 4.0V. This transmitter will also alarm if there is no operation more than one minute. It is obvious that this transmitter is useful and practical.

Well-equipped package

Flying 3D X8
1 x X8 6 Axis GPS FPV Quadcopter
1 x 2.4G 8CH Remote Control Transmitter
1 x 11.1V 3S 2200MAH Battery
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

This quadcopter is well equipped. A user manual is included to inform you what it is capable and how it works. Based on the instruction of this manual, you are able to enjoy the flying soon. Cable, battery, transmitter are all packed for you to make full use of this quadcopter for enjoyable flight.

Until now, after knowing the above information, you can see what this new Flying 3D X8 FPV RC quadcopter is really like and what it is capable of. It is easy to conclude that this quadcopter is really excellent and outstanding. It is no wonder that it has been successfully launched, gained great popularity from the public.

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