ALIGN TREX 450 PLUS DFC BTF RC Helicopter Review


Today, the topic is the ALIGN TREX 450 PLUS DFC BTF RC helicopter which is the perfect choice for beginner to start flying helicopter. This fully assembled helicopter can be flown immediately just by plugging in a charged battery, allowing the pilot to bypass assembly and adjustment process. It is really an outstanding and remarkable helicopter.
The discussion about this helicopter will focus on its delicate and exquisite designs, standard equipments, interesting and funny flight, enabling you to understand how outstanding and remarkable it is.

Delicate and exquisite designs

Equipped with the low CG DFC rotor head, this helicopter exhibits exhilarating 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed. New 450 DFC CCPM swashplate and main shaft bearing block are adopted to guarantee great flying.
Brand new battery mount with integrated ESC mount is applied for streamlined mounting of electronic. Newly designed servo mount and high precision helical main gear are adopted. Except that, this helicopter has used newly designed 4 piece upper and lower plate frame system, and newly designed rudder servo mount and dedicated rudder gyro mounting platform.

Besides, this helicopter has adopted new style frame base plate with access window to gyro adjustment and hoop style horizontal fin mount with longer tail boom supports. All those designs of this helicopter are delicate and exquisite, ensuring that this helicopter can perform excellently for you.

Standard equipments

RCE-BL35P 35A Brushless ESC x 1
450MX(3400KV) Brushless motor x 1
DS415M Digital servo x 3
DS425M Digital servo x 1
3GX MRS Flybarless System x 1
This ALIGN TREX 450 PLUS DFC BTF RC helicopter is equipped with DFC rotor head assembly, paired with 3GX MRS flybarless system optimized for T-REX 450 PLUS flight characteristics. Without any adjustment or tuning, this combo will provide optimal stability suitable for pilots of all levels. For those enthusiasts who wish to fine tune 3GX MRS even further, it can be done through a few simple steps. In addition, 3GX MRS has a built-in FHSS 2.4GHz receiver, compatible with Spektrum DSM2/DSMX and JR DSM2 satellite receiver, providing an all in one package. With the addition of the brand new 3GX MRS, this helicopter pushes past the performance limitation of flybar helicopter, improving both stability and 3D performance, while maintaining a down to earth price level.

Interesting and funny flight

Flying this helicopter is really interesting and funny. With this helicopter, you can have great flight fun. Various actions and movements can be done by this helicopter, such as flying up and down, forward and backward, left and right, and even flipping. It is quite clear that this helicopter can surely bring you great fun if you have owned it.

In short, this ALIGN TREX 450 PLUS DFC BTF RC helicopter is really outstanding and remarkable. No matter you are experienced pilot or new beginner, this helicopter is perfect for you.

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