FX-SERIES FX076C 2.4G 4CH Flybarless RC Helicopter Review


The topic today is about the FX-SERIES FX076C 2.4G 4CH flybarless RC helicopter, which is an advanced and excellent RC helicopter. It has already been successfully launched on the market and gained good sales and good reputations.
The discussion will focus on its fashionable and delicate appearance, advanced and exquisite internal, professional transmitter, flying in the sky, as well as well-equipped package.

Fashionable and delicate appearance

This helicopter is delicately designed, 22cm in length, 5cm in width and 8.5cm in height. It only weighs about 700g. The color of this helicopter is orange and black, quite fashionable and eye-catching, attracting many people’s attention.

Advanced and exquisite internal

This helicopter has adopted single blade without balance bar, and it has also adopted flybarless system. The internal of this helicopter is exquisitely designed to ensure that this helicopter can bring you great fun of flying.
3.7V 350mAh battery provides the power the helicopter needs for flying, requiring about 60 minutes of charging time. As it has overcharging and over-discharging function, you can charge the battery safely and securely. After fully charged and well assembled, this helicopter can fly about 6 to 8 minutes with about 50 meters of controlling distance, allowing you to have a great fun of flying.

Professional transmitter

This FX-SERIES FX076C 2.4G 4CH flybarless RC helicopter is equipped with professional transmitter, and the transmitter needs to install 6 1.5V AA dry batteries for operation. With the assistance of this transmitter, you can have a clear mind of the detailed information about flying, permitting you to take full control of the flight of this helicopter, quite useful and helpful.
This transmitter supports two modes, that is right mode and left mode. You can choose the mode you prefer based on your habits or needs. It is obvious that this professional transmitter is really helpful and practical for you to control the flight. It is believed that by fully controlling this transmitter, you can enjoy interesting and funny flight.

Flying in the sky

This helicopter is capable of rising up and down, flying forward and backward, turning left and right, and even flying on the left and right side. Various actions can be done by this helicopter, and you are able to have an interesting and funny flight.

Well-equipped package

1 x FX-SERIES FX076C RC Helicopter
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Transmitter
1 x Battery
1 x Manual

The package of this product is well-equipped. A manual is included to guide you how to operate this helicopter for flight fun. The other packed accessories of this product are all useful and helpful for you to make full use of the helicopter for flying. It is really a good package.

After the discussion, it is easy to conclude that this FX-SERIES FX076C 2.4G 4CH flybarless RC helicopter is really outstanding and excellent. It is no wonder that this helicopter has good sales and good reputations.

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