Cheerson CX-30 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis RC Quadcopter Review

Cheerson CX-30

Today, the topic is the Cheerson CX-30 RC quadcopter which is a high quality product, having already gained certifications of EN71, EN62115, ROSH, HR4040, ASTM, RTTE, CE and so on. You can fly this quadcopter for fun safely and securely since it has been certified.
Cheerson CX-30
If you are curious about this high qualified quadcopter, you can read the following which will show you its detailed information. Before talking about its outstanding and remarkable features, let’ s see its excellent flight first.

Excellent flight

This quadcopter is 185mm in length, 185mm in width and 20mm in height. This quadcopter has four versions, that is green, blue, orange and yellow. All those are beautiful and fantastic, attracting many people’ s attention and allowing you to choose the one you like most. 3.7V 600mah battery provides the power the quadcopter needs for operation, requiring about 90 minutes of charging time. After fully charged, this quadcopter can fly about 5 to 8 minutes, with about 30 to 50 meters of controlling distance.

4 channel rolling quadcopter

Cheerson CX-30
This quadcopter is a 2.4G 4CH 6 axis RC quadcopter, made of ABS. As it is a 4CH quadcopter, it has great flexibility. This quadcopter can do rolling well, bringing you great flying fun.

3D flip with 4 directions

Cheerson CX-30
This quadcopter features 3D flip function with four direction, permitting you to enjoy the interesting and funny flight. You can fly it up and down, left and right, forward and backward. You can also do side flying, hovering, flipping and so on. Various actions and movements can be done by this quadcopter, allowing you to enjoy interesting and funny flight.

Anti-interference self-correcting

Cheerson CX-30
This Cheerson CX-30 RC quadcopter features anti-interference self-correcting. If it is interfered while flying, this quadcopter can do self-correcting itself. This feature of this quadcopter is really impressive and attractive, making it extremely famous and popular.

Throw to fly, real 6 axis gyroscope

Cheerson CX-30
This quadcopter can support throwing to fly. With real 6 gyroscope, this quadcopter can fly even when you throw it. This feature of this quadcopter is really amazing and remarkable. It is really a funny and interesting product for you to have.

LED lights

Cheerson CX-30
Equipped with LED lights, this quadcopter is capable of night flight. Those LED lights can not only make this quadcopter colorful, beautiful and eye-catching, but guide it well in flying at night. Night flying is a totally different and exciting experience, allowing you to have great fun even at night.

After the discussion, you can easily see what this Cheerson CX-30 RC quadcopter is really like and what it is capable of. This new RC quadcopter is absolutely a high quality product, capable of bringing you wonderful flight time. This quadcopter is definitely a worthwhile product available for you.

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