Cheerson SH 6057 Flying Egg RC Quadcopter Review

SH 6057 Flying Egg

Have you ever seen that an egg is flying in the sky? Yes or not, if you are curious about flying egg, there is a cute and funny product introduced to you, that is Cheerson SH 6057 flying egg RC quadcopter.
SH 6057 Flying Egg
This quadcopter is designed to be in the shape of an egg. If you fly this quadcopter, it seems to be an egg flying in the sky, which is extremely cure and interesting.

Flying eggs

This egg is a 2.4G 6 axis RC quadcopter, made of ABS. This quadcopter is a high quality product, certificated by EN71, EN62115, ROSH, HR4040, ASTM, RTTE, CE. You can enjoy the interesting and funny flight safely and securely.

Fashionable and cool flying eggs

SH 6057 Flying Egg
These eggs are really cute and funny, and they are painted with colorful cartoon images. Those images are fashionable and cool, attracting many people’ s attention. I am fond of the quadcopter at the first sight thanks to its fashionable and cool design.
SH 6057 Flying Egg
This quadcopter has three colors, that is black white, yellow and silver. All of them are fashionable and cool, and you can choose the color you like most.

4 channel airplane

SH 6057 Flying Egg
This egg is 4 channel airplane. Different from the ordinary airplane, this Cheerson SH 6057 flying egg RC quadcopter is in the shape of an egg, quite cute and appealing. With this egg, you can enjoy an interesting and funny flight that the normal airplane can not bring to you. This 4 channel airplane is really special and unique.

3D flip with 4 direction

SH 6057 Flying Egg
This quadcopter features 3D flip function with four direction, permitting you to enjoy the interesting and funny flight. You can fly it up and down, left and right, and you can also do side flight with this egg. What’ s more, you can hand launch it and make it hover.

Throw to fly
SH 6057 Flying Egg
This egg can support throwing to fly. With real 6 gyroscope, this egg can fly even when you throw it. This feature of this egg is really amazing and remarkable. It is really a funny and interesting product for children to have.

Powerful battery for long time flying

SH 6057 Flying Egg
3.7V 350mah battery can provide the power the quadcopter needs for flying, requiring about 50 minutes of charging time. After fully charged, this quadcopter can fly about 5 to 7 minutes, with about 30 to 50 meters of controlling distance.

Cute and delicate packaging

SH 6057 Flying Egg
1 x Cheerson SH 6057 flight egg
1 x Transmitter
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Charging box
1 x Spare blade

It is obvious that the package of this product is cute and delicate. All the needed accessories are packed for you to make full use of this egg for flying fun. How nice and considerate it is!

In a word, this Cheerson SH 6057 flying egg RC quadcopter is really cute and funny, able to bring you wonderful and amazing flight. If you are searching for funny toys for yourself or your kids, this egg is definitely a good choice for you to have.

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