DYS 3 Axis Gimbal For FPV Aerial Photography Review

DYS 3 Axis Gimbal

Are you fond of aerial photography? If yes, here is a useful and helpful equipment for you, that is DYS 3 axis gimbal which can help you a lot in FPV aerial photography.
DYS 3 Axis Gimbal
This gimbal consists of high end components, obtaining practical function. It is perfect for better aerial photography. It can also work excellently with DJI Phantom, bringing you a totally different feeling of aerial photographing.

High end components

DYS 3 Axis Gimbal
This gimbal is made of aluminum alloy and plastic parts, quite sturdy and durable for long time use. This gimbal uses 2210 brushless motor and BGC genuine driving. It is compatible for Gopro3. In addition, this gimbal can continue rotating but less than 5 cycles. It is clear that this gimbal can work and perform well for photography.

Practical function

DYS 3 Axis Gimbal
This DYS 3 axis gimbal is compatible with GOPRO camera, and the camera can be used to record the great moment in different angles that a photographer can not reach, and to store it. When you want to have a sight of the remote scene that you cannot go that far to observe, you can use the camera to broaden your eyes and have a clear picture of the fantastic scene in many different perspectives as you can adjust the angle of the camera through the operation of the gimbal. This gimbal is definitely a good assistant equipment for photographer.

Application for aerial photography

This gimbal has been used by many people. According to the feedbacks of customers, this gimbal works well for them. A lot of customers are satisfied with this gimbal when they apply it for practical use.

Working with DJI Phantom
DYS 3 Axis Gimbal
This gimbal can be worked with the DJI Phantom, capable of bringing great fun of aerial photography to you if you have equipped your DJI Phantom with this useful and practical gimbal. With the assistance of the gimbal, you can make full use of the camera function of the DJI Phantom to enjoy the wonderful and amazing experience of photographing.

By now, you can see what this DYS 3 axis gimbal is really like and how useful and practical it is. If you are really fond of aerial photography, this gimbal is definitely a good equipment for you to have. This gimbal can do you great favor in photographing if you have owned it, and you will never feel regret of buying this gimbal for yourself.

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