Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 FPV Quadcopter Review

Galaxy Visitor 3

For RC players and collectors, there is a new RC quadcopter launched on the market, that is Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 FPV quadcopter. This new quadcopter is said to be a good one for flight and a classical one for collection.
Galaxy Visitor 3
If you are curious about this quadcopter, you can read the following which will show you its fashionable designs, micro digital camera function, colorful LED navigation lights, interesting and funny flight, as well as well-equipped package.

Fashionable designs

Galaxy Visitor 3
This quadcopter obtains fashionable white and black appearance design, quite attractive and appealing. It is compatible of conventional control mode and intelligent control mode. Headless flying under intelligent control mode makes it extremely easy for beginners to manage the flying of this quadcopter. This quadcopter has throttle channel’ s three settings, namely entry-level setting, altitude hold setting and normal setting. Except that, this quadcopter has auto-return function which is the safety guard against lose control of the aircraft. It also has brake function and signal loss protection function to ensure better flight performance.

Micro digital camera function

Galaxy Visitor 3
As it is equipped with micro digital camera, this quadcopter has camera function. With the help of this camera, you are allowed to do aero-photography. You are able to take high definition photos and videos while flying this quadcopter. The pictures and videos taken from a totally different angle must be extremely amazing and fascinating.

Colorful LED navigation lights

Galaxy Visitor 3
This Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 FPV quadcopter possesses colorful LED navigations lights, not only making the quadcopter attractive and fantastics when lighting, but also enabling you to have a clear mind of the flight condition for excellent flight and guiding you to find the right direction. Except that, with the assistance of those lights, you can take photos and videos of beautiful night scenery, quite functional and practical.

Interesting and funny flight

Galaxy Visitor 3
Powered by 3.7V 1200mAh li-po battery, this quadcopter can fly about 15 to 20 minute, allowing you to enjoy a long time flight.
Galaxy Visitor 3
Various actions and movements can be done by this quadcopter, such as flying up and down, forward and backward, and turning left and right, quite interesting and funny. If you have owned this quadcopter, you can enjoy the interesting and funny flight to the fullest.

Well-equipped package
Galaxy Visitor 3
1 x Galaxy Visitor 3 FPV Quadcopter with Camera
1 x JFN Transmitter
1 x Adapter
1 x Charger
1 x Li-po Battery
4 x AA Battery
1 x 2GB SD card
1 x Card Reader
4 x Propeller
1 x Screw driver
9 x Screw
1 x Manual

The package of this product is well-equipped and considerate. The manual is packed to guide you in flying. The SD card and the card reader allow you to make full use of the camera function of this quadcopter. All the accessories in that package are useful and helpful for you to enjoy a wonderful and happy flight.

After knowing the detailed information of this Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 FPV quadcopter, you can understand what this new product is really like and what it is capable of. It is quite clear from the above that this quadcopter is worth possessing for flying and collecting.

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  1. I just paid for this Galaxy Visitor 3 it looks like a lot fun but user manual is in Chines I need it in English can you help me out

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