WLtoys Galaxy V353 Headless Mode RC Quadcopter Review

Galaxy V353

The topic today is about WLtoys Galaxy V353 headless mode RC quadcopter, which is the latest and advanced RC quadcopter of WLtoys. This quadcopter has been successfully launched, gained good sales and good reputations.
Galaxy V353The discussion of this quadcopter focuses on its designs, equipments, flying, charging, as well as package, allowing you to have a clear mind of what this quadcopter is really like and how excellent it really is.


Galaxy V353-1
This quadcopter is delicately designed, 30cm in length, 30cm in width and 6.5cm in height, obtaining a suitable size for flying. The net weight of this quadcopter is 205g, light for carrying. This quadcopter is made of durable materials, possessing 2.4GHz frequency receive, 4 channel, 6 axis gyroscope and headless mode. The designs of this quadcopter are really amazing and remarkable, making it extremely outstanding and excellent.


Galaxy V353
This quadcopter is well-equipped, having camera function, shockproof function, as well as bullet, bubble, fountain, rescue function. The high definition 1080P camera makes photo taking and picture recording possible, allowing you to do photographing easily and conveniently.
Galaxy V353
This quadcopter has also adopted the professional and practical transmitter, featuring 100 meters of transmitting distance. Through this transmitter, you can take full control of this quadcopter for flying. You can operate it into headless mode through simple steps. Firstly, you should straighten the quadcopter before you with red blades in front after matching code and pushing the throttle rocker to take off. Then, by long pressing the headless mode button for 2 seconds, it will enter into headless mode, and the transmitter will bleep. If you long press the headless mode button for 2 seconds, it will exit the mode, and the transmitter will stop bleep.

It is obvious that all those equipments make the quadcopter extremely functional and practical, ensuring excellent flight performance.


Galaxy V353
As it obtains LED lights, this WLtoys Galaxy V353 headless mode RC quadcopter can fly at night. If you have owned this quadcopter, you are allowed to enjoy the amazing and appealing night flight. Those lights can not only enable you to have a clear mind of the flight condition for excellent flight, but also make the quadcopter attractive and fantastics at night. It is quite clear that those LED lights make this quadcopter shining and colorful. Beside, as it has camera function, you can apply it for night scenery photography, which is quite different and enjoyable.


Galaxy V353
7.4V 850mAh battery provide the power the quadcopter needs for flight. After fully charged by the matched charger, this quadcopter can fly about 80 to 130 meters for a long time, permitting you to have a wonderful flight experience.

Galaxy V353
1 x Galaxy V353 Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charger
4 x Propeller
1 x Manual

The package of this product is nice and considerate, obtaining a manual to instruct you in controlling and operating this quadcopter, quite practical and beneficial. All the accessories in the package are useful and practical for you to make full use of the quadcopter to the largest extent. How nice and considerate this package really is!

After the discussion about this WLtoys Galaxy V353 headless mode RC quadcopter, it is easy to conclude that this quadcopter is really amazing and remarkable, obtaining excellent flying performance, and that it is definitely worth possessing.

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