WLtoys V930 Power Star X2 RC Helicopter Review


For RC enthusiasts, there is an advanced RC helicopter named WLtoys V930 Power Star X2 RC helicopter introduced to them, which has already been sold well on the competitive market.
This helicopter consists of high end component, equipped with professional transmitter. Interesting and funny flight can be ensured, and well-equipped package can also provide them comfortable and easy flight.

High end components

This helicopter has obtained many advanced high end components to ensure its excellent flying performance. This helicopter is 77mm in height, 270mm in body length and 244mm in rotor diameter. It weighs 4.5g. It is quite clear that this helicopter is delicately designed.
This helicopter has adopted flexible blades, making it flexible to swing. The blades can also increase the durability of this helicopter for long time use.
This helicopter has applied compact mechanical structure, making it look more simple and elegant. It adopts WL-001 high speed motor, because there is no balance bar, so that the flight dynamics will be more powerful and flexible.
This helicopter has applied ball bearing, making the combination ability between the servos and blades more flexible and sophisticated. Two mini servos are used so that the torque can be more higher and the speed more faster. As it obtains full servo steering, this helicopter can fly more steadily which can resist the strong winds.
By electronic machinery AVCS, automatic correction replaces the traditional balance bar to do adjustment so that it can improve the stability, the capacity of resisting winds. 3.7V 450mAh 25C battery provides strong power the helicopter needs for operation. With enough power supply, this helicopter can support long time interesting and funny flight.

Moreover, this helicopter features EMS GYRO and struck automatic power-off protection. When the helicopter is flying outdoor and keeps spinning because of the strong wind, the EMS GYRO has the strong ability to correct it and insure the flying stability. When the helicopter is flying, and the blade hits an obstacle or is stuck, the system will cut off the power automatically in order to protect the helicopter.

Professional transmitter

This WLtoys V930 Power Star X2 RC helicopter has also been equipped with professional transmitter to show the detailed information of flying, allowing you to take full control of the flight of this helicopter.

Interesting and funny flight

The flying of this helicopter is really funny and interesting, and you can fly it up and down, left and right, forward and backward. You can even turn it left and right. Various actions and movements can be done by this helicopter, enabling you to have an enjoyable flight.

1 x WLtoys V930 Power Star X2 RC Helicopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charger
1 x Battery
1 x Manual

The package of this product is well-equipped. All the items in the package are useful and helpful for you to utilize the helicopter to the largest extent. There is also a manual for you to have a clear mind of the controlling and operating of this helicopter, quite practical and beneficial.

By now, you can see what this WLtoys V930 Power Star X2 RC helicopter is really like and how advanced and excellent it is. If you are fond of flying RC helicopter, this one is absolutely a good helicopter for you to have.

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