FX071C 4CH Flybarless RC Helicopter Review


For RC enthusiasts, here is a good and cheerful news, that is a new RC helicopter named FX071C 4CH flybarless RC helicopter has been launched successfully. This helicopter is proved to be outstanding and excellent by many people who have already owned it.
Here is the detailed information about the advanced equipments, interesting and funny flight and package of this popular helicopter.

Advanced equipments
This helicopter has applied many advanced equipments to ensure that this helicopter can perform excellently. The combination of prompt servos ensures various precise flight. This helicopter has good maneuverability with high-speed. It obtains high crash resistant quality, ensuring stable and secure flight.
Protection against stuck will reduce the damage while the helicopter crashed hardly. The high-volume 1000mAh/7.4V Li-Po battery ensures that the time for flying will be long enough. The battery and special charger can avoid overcharge, guaranteeing more durable flight.
This four channel RC helicopter is well equipped with excellent transmitter to ensure good control and well communication between the helicopter and transmitter. With the assistance of this transmitter, you can take full control of this helicopter to do various actions and movement of flying helicopter. The specially made charger is vital and essential in charging process, making sure that the helicopter is fully charged for interesting and funny flight.

Funny and interesting flight
This FX071C 4CH flybarless RC helicopter can fly about 9 to 11 minutes, with about 50 meters of controlling distance. The flying time of this helicopter is longer than ordinary helicopter, permitting you to enjoy flying for a long time.
This helicopter can fly up and down, left and right, forward and backward, and turn left and right. It can also do left and right side flying. Various actions and movements can be done, allowing you to have a wonderful and interesting flight.


1 x RC helicopter
1 x transmitter
1 x USB charge wire
1 x li-po battery(1000mAh/7.4V)
1 x manual

The package of this product is really nice and considerate. All the items in the package are well-equipped to guarantee that you can utilize the helicopter to the largest extent. There is also a manual for you to have a clear mind of the controlling and operating of this helicopter. What a nice and considerate package!

The above mentioned information about its advanced equipments, interesting and funny flight and package allows you to have a general knowledge of what this FX071C 4CH flybarless RC helicopter is really like. If you are RC lovers, this helicopter is a good one for you to enjoy interesting and funny flight.

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