Hubsan X4 H107C Upgraded 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter Review

Hubsan X4

Here is a good news for RC enthusiasts, that is Hubsan has successfully launched an upgraded version of RC quadcopter called Hubsan X4 H107C upgraded RC quadcopter. This quadcopter features advanced equipments, various colors, interesting flight and exquisite package, making it extremely famous and popular, welcomed by many RC lovers.

Advanced equipments
Hubsan X4
This quadcopter has adopted the latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity for the super stable flight. It has lightweight airframe with nice durability. With this strong and powerful quadcopter, you are allowed to have a great flight fun with the quadcopter.
Hubsan X4
This quadcopter is equipped with 4 LED lights, making night flight possible. Those lights can not only make the quadcopter colorful and beautiful at night, but also guide it to fly in the right dirction at night. The night flight must be amazing and interesting, permitting you to experience the different flight. This quadcopter has also adopted 4 coreless motors, ensuring the excellent performance of this quadcopter.
Hubsan X4
Moreover, this quadcopter obtains a 2MP camera, which means that this quadcopter can be applied for taking photos and videos, pretty functional and practical.

All the designs of this upgraded quadcopter are advanced and practical, making sure that you can enjoy great fun of flying to the fullest if you have onwed this quadcopter.

Various colors
Hubsan X4
This Hubsan X4 H107C upgraded RC quadcopter has various colors, and it has three version, that is the black red, the black green and the red white. You are allowed to choose the one you like most based on your preference of colors.

Interesting flight

Hubsan X4
3.7V 380mAh battery provides the power the quadcopter needs for flight, requiring 40 minutes of charging time. The quadcopter has USB charging cable, allowing to be charged by computer. After fully charged, you can fly the quadcopter for 7 minutes, and this quadcopter can flip in four ways, left and right, forward and backward. You can control it for various actions and movements to enjoy the interesting and funny flight. Besides, this quadcopter can be used both indoors and outdoors, quite practical and convenient.

Exquisite package
Hubsan X4
1 x RC quadcopter
1 x transmitter
1 x battery
1 x charging cable
4 x blades
The package of this product is exquisite, and all the useful and practical items are well-packed in a box. What a nice and sweet product.

From its advanced equipments, various colors, interesting flight and exquisite package, it is easy to see that this Hubsan X4 H107C upgraded RC quadcopter is really excellent and outstanding. It is no wonder that this upgraded quadcopter becomes more and more famous and popular.

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