FMS Edge 540 V3 RC Airplane Review

FMS Edge 540

The full size Edge 540 was designed in 1992. It is a highly aerobatic aircraft capable of rolling more than once per second. The most current version of the Edge 540 is the V3. The FMS Edge 540 V3 RC airplane is lighter and more aerodynamic than prior versions and allows the CG to be adjusted to suit the tastes of individual pilots.
FMS Edge 540
This Edge 540 V3 is the most common aircraft in the Red Bull Air Race World Series and for good reasons, it wins over and over. This airplane is so famous and popular thanks to its exquisite designs and workmanship, excellent performance and function.

Exquisite designs and workmanship

FMS Edge 540 V3 RC airplane is the best plane FMS has engineered to date in its line of aerobatic models. The Edge 540 has the new gold motor, 60A ESC, and 17g digital metal gear servos all around. There is also plenty of room for a large 4 cell battery and the magnetic hatches for the battery compartment, and receiver compartment are plenty strong.
FMS Edge 540The construction of this airplane is super easy and very straight forward. All surfaces are held together firmly and all screws are aligned with their threaded surfaces. The plastic to plastic joints are perfect and the carbon wing spar fits perfectly into its sleeve. The wing mounts overlap which makes the design very strong. The rudder uses 3 nylon hinges for extra strength. All 17g servos are digital metal gear. Until now, these are the highest quality servos we have seen on any PNP plane, and all servos are mounted in a pocket by using a cover with screws to hold the cover in place. This allows for super easy servo swaps, servo horn changes, and so on. The ESC is very easy to access and it has more than adequate cooling. All the servo connectors are clearly labeled and securely fastened.

Excellent performance and function

This FMS Edge 540 V3 RC airplane is a highly aerobatic aircraft, capable of a 420 degree per second roll rate and a 3700 foot per minute climb rate, and it has been flown to victory on the international unlimited aerobatics circuit several times since the middle of 1990s. In fact, all champions of the world series have flown this aircraft. FMS has captured this aerobatic plane showing excellent stability, flight performance, and 3D aerobatic capabilities. Constructed of EPO flex foam, it obtains excellent and amazing resistance performance. At high speed, tracking is predictable and it literally flies as it is on rails. Just by pointing where you want it to go, this airplane will go with no complaint.
FMS Edge 540
The new composite wing structure is very ridged and it shows in high G turns and dive pull outs. Simple pull back on the throttle, and this airplane treats you with tons of lift with no tip stalls or washout propagation as experienced in other planes in this size. It is delightfully fun to do hovering, waterfalls, and harriers. The new 17 g digital servos work flawlessly, providing precise control even under very high load. The combination of the new gold 760Kv motor and 60A ESC perform flawlessly. The version of plugging and playing requires 4 channel radio equipment and battery. With the assistance of the clear user manual, it is easy and simple to make the most of this airplane.

The exquisite designs and workmanship, as well as excellent performance and function of FMS Edge 540 V3 RC airplane are really remarkable and fantastics, attracting my whole attention completely. It must be great fun to fly it.

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