Walkera QR Y100 5.8Ghz 6 Axis FPV Hexacopter Review

Walkera QR Y100

Walkera QR Y100 FPV hexacopter is a WIFI version aircraft, obtaining long range of transmission. This hexacopter is the most easy control aircraft in the world, featuring iRemote software control. It also shows clear control interface instruction to enable you to take full control of the flight.
Walkera QR Y100iRemote software control

For software installing, you can download the iRemote software on Walkera homepage ( www.walkera.com ) or Google for Android version 2.3 above. If it is Apple IOS system, you can download the iRemote software from APP store.
After the installation, you need to power on the aircraft, and then if the red indicator of the receiver blinks fast, it means that it is searching for smart phone signal. You should open WIFI in your phone setting option to find out WK… in your WIFI list and connect it, until the successful connection appears. You can exit setting after finished.
Walkera QR Y100Open iRemote software in your phone, and you can touch  icon to enter into control interface. By touching  icon, you can activate date transfer switch, and in the meantime, the gravity sensor switch is active by default. Receiver indicator turns red to blue, and real-time image will be showed on the phone screen, which means code pairing is successful.

Control interface instruction

It is easy to see from the control interface that this Walkera QR Y100 FPV hexacopter is quite functional and practical for use. For the control of this aircraft, here are some vital and essential operation you must keep in mind, that is one key to start, one key to land, one key go home and IOC mode operation.
Walkera QR Y100One key to start

It is out of date to fly the aircraft in manual nowadays, and easy and funny control becomes more and more welcomed. Touch the one key to start icon, this Walkera will automatically fly around 1 meter height level.

One key to land

You just need to press the one key to land icon on the smart phone to make the aircraft to land automatically in case you are half-hearted. Touch the icon during your flight, the aircraft will land automatically.

One key go home

No matter what position the aircraft is in during the flight, it will return towards your smart phone automatically if you touch the one key go home icon. Through the operation of touching the icon during your flight, the aircraft will land automatically.

IOC mode

The headless function has adopted intelligent orientation control system to help you to easily control the aircraft in any direction without concerning of the head or tail. The forward control of the aircraft has no relationship with the aircraft nose under IOC mode. If you touch the icon of IOC to enter into switch, the blue LED turns solid, meaning it is the normal mode, and the blue LED blinks, showing it is the IOC mode.

Those easy control operations make it funny and interesting to control this aircraft, allowing you to have an enjoyable time of flying. Besides, this aircraft has smart motor protection. It has a motors cut off function when the aircraft encounters obstacles, ensuring safe and secure flight. It also has adopted intelligent altitude control system. The built-in high precision compass sensor can make the aircraft in same altitude, and make it easy to control. Release the throttle control ball, and it will automatically return to middle position. The aircraft will automatically keep hovering at that height level.

In a word, this Walkera QR Y100 FPV hexacopter is really the most easy control aircraft in the world, capable of bringing you great fun of flying easily, safely and securely.

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  1. I ordered a walkera qr y100. D0 I need a different phone holder since I have a bigger phone? Samsung Note book 2. Where is the best place to download the app for it? Does the Devo 4 transmitter have a tv screen for viewing?

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