WLtoys V915 2.4G 4CH RC Helicopter Review

wltoys v915

Here is a good news for RC enthusiasts, that is WLtoys, the famous brand of RC toys, has launched a new product called WLtoys V915 2.4G 4CH RC helicopter. This helicopter has been expected by many people before it is sold on the fiercely competitive market. Now, let’ s see what this helicopter is really like.
wltoys v915This helicopter has excellent performance, featuring night flight and obtaining three colors. All those characteristics of this helicopter make it famous and popular.

Excellent performance
wltoys v915
This helicopter obtains excellent performance. 7.4V 850mAh Li-po battery provides the power the helicopter needs for operation, requiring about 70 minutes of charging time. After fully charged, this helicopter can fly about 7 minutes. This helicopter also has a wide range of controlling distance, up to 150 meters. Those figures show that you can enjoy a long time and far distance flight if the power supply is enough. With this helicopter, you are allowed to fly it up and down, forward and backward, turn it left or right and do left and right side flight. This helicopter can also do hovering, rotating, accelerating, and mode switching. Various actions and movements can be done, and you are able to enjoy its excellent flight performance.

Night flight

wltoys v915
This WLtoys V915 2.4G 4CH RC helicopter is equipped with light, making night flight possible. The light of this helicopter can not only make it colorful and appealing, but also do great help in lighting and guiding while flying at night. With the help of this light, you can have a different and enjoyable time of night flight, to enjoy the beautiful night scenery and have fun of flying the helicopter.

Three colors

wltoys v915
This helicopter has three colors, that is blue, red and yellow, all of which are beautiful and eye-catching. Those three colors are available for you to choose the color you like most.

After knowing the above information about this WLtoys V915 2.4G 4CH RC helicopter, it is easy to see that this helicopter worth expecting and possessing. By flying this helicopter, you can surely have a great fun.

1 thought on “WLtoys V915 2.4G 4CH RC Helicopter Review

  1. anybody know where the v915 can be bought? dose it have a B&F opp? how about a brushless upgrade? when i do find one to buy just what i need is another transmitter to clutter up my shop only got 12or 15 wl toys tmitters now plus the 75to80 other brands of those copters that stay broken you get tired of buying reciver boards for or servos. unless you are willing tospend boocoo amounts of money .dont do like me just buy wl toys models and save a goob of money . got a v911 and 38 working battiers old style and with a injurery that took me out of working i fly and this little copter i have flown batt after batt till the landing skids melted offit i keep 6 of them at all times

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